Something So Big

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Clever Crafty Girl!

Ally gets all kinds of ideas off of Pinterest now.  

 How cool is this??  I want one now!

Sports Girls

The twins are almost 10 and it's starting to hit me like a ton of bricks.  Ten years ago at this time, I was teaching a Kindermusik class and toting around a highly energetic 2-year-old son and a sweet little 4-year-old girl.  And I had a BIG belly because I was expecting 2 babies!!  
And we were making an offer for a farmette on County B so we could be closer to Potosi.
I remember standing against one of those "Chieftains" mats on the side of the gym, watching a basketball game and having a friend come up to me, touch my belly (as people who see pregnant women often do), and say, "How's everybody doing??"...right about this time 10 years ago.

Fast-forward a decade, and those babies are out on that court, dribbling basketballs and chatting with their friends.
 They went to Girls & Women in Sports Day about a week ago and had a blast.  Paige liked the hurdles and Shae loved volleyball!  But in the meantime, this is what girls in Potosi do....
 Shae showing off her skills!

 Paige working intently on her opposite-hand dribble.
Mom taking pictures and not realizing how quickly the time is flying until she posts on this blog.

So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom.--Psalm 90:12

Valentine's Preparations

We made Valentine's for the Orchard Manor residents and the families in Juarez, Mexico (where our church mission team was going shortly)...
This is the banner from our Sunday School kids to the Juarez kids.  We hope they liked it!
Every year we visit Orchard Manor to sing and dance a little, share homemade Valentine's, and hopefully share a little of God's love with the residents there.  It was awesome to hear many of them join in on "How Great Thou Art" and "Jesus Loves Me"!  The old songs never get old.
 We had our Valentine's Day "Fancy Dinner" one night early this year, due to a basketball conflict on Thursday.  It was wonderful to have a relaxing, elegant dinner together...candlelight, steak, mashed potatoes, dessert...the kids always look forward to it.

Mark gave all of the kids (and me!) a treat at school, including a handmade Valentine note. 

 At school I tried to get kids interested in our brand-new titles with "Blind Date with a Book" week.  Middle and high school students who were brave enough accepted the challenge!  (Taking a wrapped book, checking it out, and trying to read it.)  Ally selected a book she may never have read otherwise, and she actually finished it in 3 nights.  I think the chocolate candy incentive helped;)
 Happy Valentine's Day every day!  May you find something in each and every day that makes your heart smile :)
To love Him with all your heart, with all your understanding, and with all your strength, and to love your neighbor as yourself is more important than all burnt offerings and sacrifices. --Mark 12:33

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday and a Big Little Winner!

We watched the Super Bowl over at Mom (and Dad's) house a few weekends ago...
 ...and it was an extra treat to see our little cousins Christopher (in orange coat above), Elsie, Addie, and Mae (with Wynne)!  Their mommy had a baby boy that day, so it was an extra-super day!!
 Coloring cuties...
 Why does my baby look so BIG compared to her cousins??
 Watching the Ravens take on the 49ers...
 ...while Christopher tries to console his baby sister.  Cheer up, Annamae.....your baby brother Joseph Todd won the Super Bowl Squares (pool)!  :)  Can't wait to meet the little guy.  Congrats, Maryellen and Tim!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

January Re-cap

Mark's home away from home (as he would rather not have it)...the gym.  Game managing lots and lots of basketball games.  But this time, it's not so bad because he gets to watch his kid play!(#30)
Cy finished his basketball season in January.  What is it about watching your own kid that makes the game that much more fun?  I am one of those cheering parents who is hopefully not obnoxious to others.  I don't yell negative stuff, just positive encouragement once in a while.  I can't help it; it's the cheerleader in me.  
I avoid coaching from the bleachers.  Because a) I don't know enough about the sport to critique/offer suggestions, b) I am married to a coach and I know how aggravating that is to the people who really DO know, and c) these are kids and it's just for fun and learning!

I didn't take this next picture, but I had to include it because it's my cute little grandnephew Eric (age 5, on the right) at one of his first wrestling meets.  His dad and grandpa were big wrestlers in high school, so I guess it's never too early to learn the sport, right?  I just hope they don't get as intense about it as the boy on the left.  It's okay, buddy!
Last up for January, but certainly not least, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARK!!
After a 5-day bout with cold/flu bug, it was good to have him come back into the land of the living...and enjoy a snow day at home, too!  (Please ignore the dirty windows.)

We can make our plans,
    but the Lord determines our steps. --Proverbs 16:9