Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A Look Back at Spring 2016

Teaching full-time, taking classes and driving kids everywhere takes its toll on my poor blog.  It's been TWO MONTHS since the last update!  Here's a look back at our spring:
FORENSICS.  I judge it, coach it, and watch my kids in it.  It's such a valuable experience...and I'm so proud of the kids for participating!  Ally made it to state (earning a PERFECT SCORE, this time in Moments in History!) for her work on the Girls AAPBA (All American Girls Professional Baseball League) of the 1940s, and Cy made it to District with his 4-minute speech on J.J. Watt.  
Paige and Shae, along with their friends Lilly and Anna, wrote and delivered a reader's theatre selection from Dork Diaries.  We have a local meet for middle school students, and they took 2nd place in their category!
 As you know, Paige and Shae turned 13 in March...and they (mainly Paige) wanted a shopping day with their umpteen friends.  It's a fun but challenging peer group....very generous to them (TOO generous)...lots of energy here!!

Rick S. was my student teacher in the fall, and he came back this spring with his good friend Pastor Charles from the Mission School of Hope in Cameroon, Africa.  Our church has supported Charles' ministry since he built the school several years ago.  It was awesome to have them visit my 6th grade class and teach us about life in Africa!  We look forward to them coming back and us raising $$ for them!! Great tie-ins to our ancient cultures studies in Social Studies, as well;)

 Cy has been building and selling light sabers. It's pretty cool. Nuff said.
 Paige and Shae researched and wrote a presentation (including paper and bibliography) on astronomer Henrietta Leavitt, who worked in the Harvard Observatory for peanuts in the early 20th century.  This photo was taken at National History Day regional competition at UW-LaCrosse.  I take a whole gaggle of kids up from our local contest...it's an awesome experience for them to learn and grow! Very challenging!  These girls made it to state as "Best of School" entrant for having the top combined score from local and regional competition.  I hope they stick with it next year....if they don't kill each other off first;)
 Sorry cell phone pics are hard to turn around.  Coloring Easter eggs.......

 ...hunting for Easter eggs..........
 ...finding Easter Eggs....I think this one is a softball.......
 ...and remembering the Reason for the Season!  Thanks for the artwork, Ally :)
 What would Easter morning be without SUGARED cereal and candy?
 The darn kids are getting bigger than the cross.  What is happening??  (note Cy is wearing PANTS in this picture, albethey illfitting...)
 Enjoying Easter dinner at Grandma Jan's house.....

 and now saying goodbye to the Chieftains clubhouse...........sniff sniff! Spring cleaning in the yard.
We interrupt this blog update to show you a familiar sight at our house: teenager on personal screen.  

Bridal shower/couples party for my niece Crystal and Eric...the theme was "celebrity couples".  There are the parents of the bride, Sonny and Cher!  I think I also see Danny from Grease, Jack from Jack & Jill, random Hawaiian shirt guy, and a mother-of-the-groom angel!  And Mom in her Anniversary shirt writing down answers to the Match Game competition!

 Megan and Jeff were Marge (she took her big blue hair off here) and Homer Simpson.  Funny stuff!
 Getting ready to get married soon...it's Forrest and Jenny!!
 My mom was sick over Easter weekend, so this was a few weeks later at her house...
 ...where we got to enjoy Payton's hilarious solo acting forensics piece that won him a gold at state, too! Something about the college admissions process...good thing he didn't mention the rising tuition rates?
Shooting Episode 1 of "VBS Wars" (yes, we're doing a Star Wars-themed VBS this year)......
 ....look who's R2D2!  Actually, we just call her R2 (for Reconnect and Restore your relationship with Jesus)!
 The writer/director also had to stand in as Darth Hater (VBS version of Darth Vader)...
 ...and we're so lucky to have a Shae Ray Luke True Skywalker protagonist!!
 Our garage doubles as an Imperial ship.

 Episode 1, which is a 4-page script, took 6 hours to film.  Only 2 more episodes to go! Plus editing! By next week!  No problem. Sigh
 The cast.  ROCKS.  (Minus Chewy and Yoda!)
 3PO (Power of Humility, Prayer and Love) and R2 (who contains the last Bible in the universe) talk True Skywalker into becoming a Christwalker Jedi to join the Force of Faith and help rescue Princess Lydia! (how's that for a 1-sentence synopsis?)

 Next up:  Ally's Junior Prom!
More than anything you guard, protect your mind, for life flows from it.--Proverbs 4:23


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