Saturday, February 16, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday and a Big Little Winner!

We watched the Super Bowl over at Mom (and Dad's) house a few weekends ago...
 ...and it was an extra treat to see our little cousins Christopher (in orange coat above), Elsie, Addie, and Mae (with Wynne)!  Their mommy had a baby boy that day, so it was an extra-super day!!
 Coloring cuties...
 Why does my baby look so BIG compared to her cousins??
 Watching the Ravens take on the 49ers...
 ...while Christopher tries to console his baby sister.  Cheer up, Annamae.....your baby brother Joseph Todd won the Super Bowl Squares (pool)!  :)  Can't wait to meet the little guy.  Congrats, Maryellen and Tim!


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