Something So Big

Thursday, July 21, 2016


This spring heaven gained a new member, and we miss her.  Love you, Grandma!  

 Grandma Joan.  Grandma Dubuque, as our kids knew her.  Mark's grandma, Chieftain Football Bread Baker and #1 Fan, Joanie, Mom, Wad...reunited with Grandpa Jim.
Grandma Joan welcomed me into the family right away.  I'll never forget going my visit to see Grrandpa Jim and Grandma Joan on Wilbrecht Lane; she was up on a ladder painting the carport.  I thought, 'what a spry lady for being somebody's grandma!'  And she defied age like that for decades, with no medication and few ailments.  I remember her rosary, her homemade pies, her sewing creations, her wit, and her pickles.  Ah, the pickles.  
Thanks for everything, Grandma Joan!  Love you!

Your promise revives me; it comforts me in all my troubles. --Psalm 119:50

New Beginnings

Crazy endings this spring are leading to new the back patio.  Mark is building a back porch, so out went the bricks (to be used in the fire ring area).

Speaking of new beginnings, Cy has started a little custom light saber business.  He and a friend build their own and sell them!
We interrupt this blog post to bring you more softball.  Here's the Shae-Paige battery at work!  Hopefully a new beginning because Paige actually WANTED to catch for her sister this year!!

And a lovely spring day for a new beginning: marriage!
 The whole clan in a rare get-together at Crystal's wedding!  Father of the bride in purple!  (He made so many great rustic decorations for this, like the barn door!)
 New beginnings: New baby Engelke!  Welcome to Wyatt, born in March!
It's fun to see my sister and sister-in-law talk about grandma things!  (but I'm NOWHERE NEAR ready for those conversations!! eek!)

Mom and our newest family member, Eric

Brian wrote a love-filled speech to his daughter and new son-in-law.  

Congratulations to the newlyweds, Eric and Crystal!
Eric's brother, Eric, Crystal, and Lacey

 The bride looked beautiful as ever...and it was such a pretty venue at the Bridal Barns and Gardens near Verona!
 New beginnings: initiating the newest Engelke outlaw into the family.......Jeff wasn't shy about doing the honors.
 Crazy ending to a softball night--playing against cousins is always fun!  But we are sad to say "see you later" to Brooke and family, as they move to Indiana for a new beginning in Uncle Glenn's career.  Good luck to the Davis family!  Miss you in Wisconsin!
Paige, Brooke, Shae, and assistant coach Ally

Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.--Isaiah 43:19

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Crazy Endings

The school year ended in a crazy way.  My 6th graders put on a Renaissance Faire...
 ..while our classroom and library were being packed up for the school renovations!
 Somewhere in the midst of this, we had middle school forensics, spring concert, graduation, etc.
 There are about 35 pallets like this waiting for me to unpack and figure out where to put in the new library and classroom spaces.  It is exciting but daunting!!
 Last spring I played in the community band concert...just couldn't find the time this spring.  Maybe next year!
 Mother's Day brought some lovely flora...
 ...and my favorite thing ever, personal notes written by my kids.  I love how somebody in our family wants to be a teacher like their mom and dad!! Tough times for Wisconsin teachers right now, but we have to make the best of it!!
 Dad's lilacs come up every spring.  Just like memories of him come up every DAY. :)
 What would spring be without....teenagers studying for final exams??
 Wynne was blessed to get this AG doll tent & campfire from a teacher friend!  How kind!!
Please remember, we have FOUR teenagers in the house now.  A teenager in 2016 wants a cell phone.  A determined teenager will put together a professional presentation about why she should get a cell phone. 
 Spring on our farmette means we get some new little feeder pigs!  Welcome, Jamey & Joey!
 And of course, spring means  BALL .  Baseball, t-ball, softball...okay, we've graduated out of t-ball now, but here they are--the neighboring cousins in their annual spring clash.
 And their proud moms :) :)   Congrats to Claire for high school graduation and all of her athletic honors, including all-state 3rd team in softball ...she is a great batter and center fielder!  We won't go into details of this game (for Ally's sake, although I maintain the opinion that she's a tough pitcher)!
 This will be Mark's home away from home this summer.  The old art room/future weight room.  More in a later posting on this crazy ending to the former weight room!
 Little Bear at the bat!! 
 Coach pitch for grades 3-4.  Ally is one of Wynne's coaches, so it's been extra fun!

The boy plays a little ball, too.  First base (well, not in this picture).

 Did you know we have a new little Siegert this spring?  Griffin James was born in March and he's a doll!
 Here's Griffin's family (Jamey, Jackie, Jonah, Alana & Harper) with some mega-cakes at his baptism!!
 And here's the Siegert brothers plus oldest nephew (Cy) beginning their spring/summer competitive season for 2016. 

 A croquet game can get very heated in this family. I'll just leave it at that.  Reporting out for May 2016 as the crazy ending to spring continues...