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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Boys Night, Girls Night!

Nothing too much going on around here these days...except for some POST-SEASON FOOTBALL!!
Our team wrapped up its regular season last Thursday night with a home game against Belmont. It was Senior Night, and we honored these 11 boys who have put in 4 (and probably 6) years of hard work for our football program. Mark has a special place in his heart for this group of seniors, as they have overcome many personal obstacles to mesh together and lead this team. We will really miss them, but we're not finished yet, are we boys? We opened up the playoffs with a 60-8 victory on Tuesday night (over Wauzeka-Steuben) and now take on the Seneca Indians on Saturday. The playoffs are do-or-die, so let's keep on-a-doin'!!!

On the church front, we are gearing up for our 2nd annual Girls Night Out. Oh yeah!! I have been busy working on a Bible study I'll lead with the tweens (girls ages 9-12, and their moms), and I'm really looking forward to meeting our keynoter/worship leader Ann Duval in person. Girls aged kindergarten on up are invited, and my mom & aunt are coming, so I'm really looking forward to it! So are Shae and Paige! (and maybe even our big girl Ally, although she doesn't let on ;) The theme is "Freedom from People-Pleasing", and I'm borrowing Ally's Bible study magazine on Proverbs to lead a lesson & activity on Proverbs 3. Girls for God Unite!! Can't wait!!

Then tonight we have "Trunk or Treat" - - decorating the back of the Burb to hand out candy in the school parking lot. Wynne has decided to wear a new costume tonight so stay tuned for a pictorial update (when I get the time! ack!) ! Sometime between setting up at church today and dropping Cy off at Gabe's birthday party, we will hopefully find time to make scarecrow suckers and add gospel tracts (because I'll try to evangelize any chance I can get;). Should be fun! The main thing is, to stay focused on Who's important and not get too busy for His people. I have to keep reminding myself (and my kids) of that!

I came to bring truth to the world. All who love the truth recognize that what I say is true. John 18:37 NLT

Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Warm-Up

Stonefield's Safe and Spooky Halloween was the other we had to put together our costumes a little early! Actually, Wynne didn't need much help; she has been preparing her Dorothy get-up (Wizard of Oz) for a couple of weeks now. I broke down and bought her ruby red slippers (sparkly!) which will hopefully be in good shape for Christmas. (Ha!)

At any rate, outfitting 5 kids only cost $12, and part of that was Cy buying his own mask and sword. (Thank you Dollar Tree!) And being rather a Drama Queen myself, I dressed up too. The twins had just attended a friend's birthday party earlier in the day, so I borrowed a vibrant feather mask and yellow boa from them, dipped into my old theater stash for a teal satin tunic and purple scarf, threw on some of Wynne's costume jewelry, and became a Mardi Gras lady. Or something like that. LOL! Sorry, I know this will disappoint you, but there is no photographic proof of my costume.
Ally took a birthday present (the pumpkin shirt) and built her whole costume around that. She curled her hair into "pumpkin vines" and added some leaves to top it off!

Paige went as her favorite book character Junie B. Jones! Mixing up colorful clothes and finding a pair of big sunglasses at the Thrift Shop was all it took to get this cutie ready!

Here's Wynne in our beloved garage sale blue frock. I bought this little dress long before I had kids...and I can't tell you how many times it's been worn (including a previous Dorothy appearance by Ally six years ago).

Here's Shae giving her best mean look. Now THAT'S scary!! Shae wants you to know that she is in no way affiliated with the Wicked Witch of the West, Dorothy, or any other Wizard of Oz character. She is an independent witch!

Despite my best efforts to make him dress as a more positive, less violent character, Cy insisted on this Jason-esque look. He heard who Jason (Friday the 13th) was at school. I insisted on NO BLOOD. I tried to get him to go as a football player, hockey player (taking the mask in a different direction), or something else a little less sinister, but I was informed that "I'm ten years old, Mom." Alrighty then...we came to this compromise.

On the way over to Cassville, we picked up a couple of friends (Brooke and Nathaniel) at their respective houses. By the time we reached Stonefield, it was 6:00 p.m. and getting dark. The crowds were HUGE! We had to park across the road in their overflow lot. The village was packed, but it looked fantastic! We stopped for a picture on our way into the admitting area.

I think I had my camera on the wrong setting for a while. Oh dear, there they go--under the covered bridge and past the coven of friendly witches!

The village square was just beautiful. I am not one for overkill on gawdy or gross Halloween decorations, but the square (to me) had just the right amount of fall color and whimsy.

The school house once again featured the curious Barbie doll-masked witch. Her mask gets me all nostalgic for those old plastic masks that we used to barely see through, with the condensation of our breath dripping the front of our faces. Ah, the 70s.

Several shops were decorated but had no candy-givers. We were a bit disappointed that the general shop was nearly covered up, and there were no treats left on the boardwalk--including the beloved doughnut balls and root beer at the saloon. That's what you get for being LATE ! But the storyteller was still on hand, and the window decorations were just terrific!

And guess who was rocking in the gazebo? ELVIS!!

We enjoyed a little music before going on our merry way.

The weather was perfect - not too cold, and the rain didn't start until our drive home. The kids were having so much fun, we decided to call their parents and have them stay overnight. We came home, traded silly bands, watched "Jack and the Beanstalk", went to bed, woke up, ate some Monkey Bread, went to Sunday School and church, then drove everybody home. All in all, it was a fun warm up to Halloween!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Last First

Being a stay-at-home mom affords me the privilege of getting to attend some of my kids' school activities. Now that our youngest is in preschool, I can get to some of these activities ON TIME and without any other kids in tow! It is a weird feeling.

On Monday I was lucky enough to ride the bus with my preschooler over to the local pumpkin patch! Then it hit me: this is our family's last first field trip. *sniffle*sniffle* Better take full advantage of it!!

Riding the bus with the children, teachers, and parents, it's easy to feel pretty old. I was probably the oldest parent on the bus. I was 35 when we had Wynne, so I guess that's about right. But here's the really scary/sad thing: two of Wynne's classmates have dads who played on Mark's football team not too long ago!! Now THAT makes me feel old.

I looked around at the other parents and wanted to tell them, "Don't be bored. Try to smile. This means so much to your child! This is their FIRST field trip! Savor every minute of it!!" But I don't think people would appreciate me waxing philosophical on a preschool bus trip. I mean, we were only driving about 10 miles down the road. No big deal, right?

Well, when you realize that your kids are growing as tall as you, and eating more than you, and know how to use technology better than you, and have to remind you of things that happened a month ago--every last first is a pretty darn big deal.

It's a big deal to feed the llama!

It's a big deal to ring the bell!

It's a big deal to ride on a hay wagon! (Especially with good friends like Sydney and Ava!)

It's a big deal to pick out your very own pumpkin! (With Nicholas Terry Peacock!)

It's a big deal to get your class picture taken!

It's a big deal to try out an old corn sheller and see the kernels drop off, one by one!

It's a big deal to run your fingers through the golden-orange kernels!

It's a big deal to count UP to 10 and watch the air cannon launch a pumpkin several yards into the air!

It's a big deal to burn off your morning snack of graham crackers and chocolate milk!

It's a big deal to roll down the hill!

It's a big deal to be able to look at your baby and see her growing up before your very eyes.

Before the mountains were born or you brought forth the earth and the world, from everlasting to everlasting, you are God. --Psalm 90:2

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bet Your Cat Can't Do This

On Saturday afternoon, we mosied on down to Dubuque to take in the 25-foot American Gothic exhibit at the Dubuque Museum of Art. I never realized that the painter Grant Wood was from Iowa. The museum was closed by the time we got there, but we are definitely going to have to go back and check it out sometime.

Did you know that this couple is supposed to be a farmer and his daughter? I always thought they were a married couple. You learn something new every day!

Now on to the main Key City attraction for us: the national Dock Dogs competition going on at the Port of Dubuque. Dogs and their owners from all over the country were on hand to compete in Big Air, Extreme Vertical, and Speed Retrieve. We got to see part of the Big Air contest!
] This poor guy and his pooch came all the way from Georgia, but the dog wasn't having any of it that day. I was impressed with how everyone encouraged their competitors, even those who didn't make the jumps like this little lady. Her owner was so gracious and kind to her, even after two separate trials. (I couldn't help but think how frustrated I get with Mickey when he won't listen to me at home, not evenin front of a big audience!)

There were dogs of every breed, including some mixed. This German Shepherd was just one of several who so smartly listened to its owner and didn't jump until ordered to do so.

And now for the jump...

...and the splash!!

Of course all the kids had to get up close to get wet :)

Mark and I kept saying, "Too bad they didn't have this for dogs like Mickey!" But then we found out that they did INDEED have a lap dog competition. And there she was, a cute little Jack Russell terrier. Mickey would have fallen in love with Miss Molly!

Much to Wynne's delight, Miss Molly jumped 12 feet! She is #7 in the nation for Big Air Lap Dogs with a personal best of 13 feet, .6 inches. Alas, she lives in Kansas City, so I don't think we can make the long distance relationship work, Mick.

This little guy was hilarious (along with his owner). He's a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and get this--his name is Bubbles! The owner would hold Bubbles, throw in the ball/frisbee/rope/whatever, back him up and keep his eyes on the prize the whole way, ask him "Are you ready??" a couple of times to get him fired up, then let him go. Kind of like the release bar on a pinball machine!

And off he'd go! Don't mess with Bubbles. He's from Arcadia, California and he is #5 in the nation with a personal best of 14 feet, 3.2 inches!!
The dogs look so darn cute swimming in the water. They were all excellent swimmers, and I'd be interested to see how they did on Speed Retrieve.

Here's #9 in the nation, a Boston Terrier named Wilbur.

And #2 all the way from Niagra Falls....say hello to Rhythm! She can jump 17 feet 8 inches on a great day. I think we saw about 12 1/2 feet out of her on Saturday.

Not all of the competition were pure breds. Not to be outdone, here is a mixed breed out of Kansas City. I just couldn't get over his name. Go get 'em, Mr. Bingley!!

Now can your cat do this?

Monday, October 18, 2010


The pictures say it all. I can't take credit for the photos...thanks Dave F.!

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. -- Philippians 4:13