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Friday, December 28, 2012

Name Above All Names

This year's Sunday School Christmas program was something that came to me one morning when I should have been working on my graduate project, but instead was inspired to write a play.  Most of the families participated in a series of sketches that were basically about being delivered a box addressed to some mystery character.  For example, we had two boxes delivered to our house--"The Branch of Jesse" and "The Rock".  Other boxes delivered to our friends were "Wonderful Counselor", "Lion of Judah", "The Vine", "Unchangeable One", "Cornerstone", "Bread of Life", "King of Kings", "First and Last", "Great Physician", and "Emmanuel".  At the end of the play, we finally figure out that these are all names of Jesus and deliver our gifts to the Christ child.  With our awesome new projection system, we were able to project images of these names, interspersed with Bible verses and pictures/scanned-in-images of some gifts we give back to Jesus throughout the year (such as raising money for mission projects, boxing up clothes for the needy, showing love to others, etc.)  After the skit, some of the children shared their talents such as piano playing, singing, or reading.  The Siegert kids shared the following:
Wynne - read a poem about Baby Jesus (learning to read!)
Paige and Shae - each played a piano solo
Paige and Shae - sang "Joy to the World" as a duet
Ally and Cy - played selections from their band song (trumpet/trombone duet, sort of, with me pulling their teeth to get them to practice!)

All in all, it was a really nice morning at church and was well received.  Some of kids' godparents came  (Aunt Tammie & Uncle Dan, Aunt Marla, cousins Payton, Kaycie and Sammie) and so did Grandma E!  It was really great to see them and worship with them.  I have no pictures, but it was a great way to celebrate the NAME ABOVE ALL NAMES!

For to us a child is born, to us a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulder, and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.--Isaiah 9:6


My sister bought her goddaughter Shae a ticket to the Christmas Nativi-tea at Sinsinawa Mound in early December.  I took the other little girls and their dolls for the experience.  It was a wonderful afternoon full of tiny sandwiches, an old silver tea service (used by the Dominican Sisters a century ago), Christmas conversations, and an extensive collection of nativity scenes at the gift shop.  What a wonderful way to get into the holiday spirit!
He is the radiance of the glory of God and the exact imprint of His nature, and He upholds the universe by the word of His power.--Hebrews 1:3

Christmas Day

Aren't my latest post titles so original?
Mark has gone to his grandparents' home for Christmas Day dinner for his entire lifetime, and this year was no exception.  After stuffing ourselves with a delicious meal (and umpteen different meats, vegetables, salads, and desserts), the children opened presents from their great-grandma and great-aunt & uncle.  Lucky kids!
We brought a new game that was opened under our tree...Doodle Dice.  Our little Doodler is pretty good at it (when she's not cheating;)!

 The sports-watchers.  If the Packers or Badgers aren't on, I don't really care to watch!
 Uncle Glenn and cousins Brooke and Trevin hang out in the living room.
 This is the first time Grandma Joan has changed out of her shoes and put on her slippers.  I think she deserves to relax a little bit after all of that hard work!
Thank you Grandma, Great-Grandma, and Great-Aunt Linda for all of the delicious food and nice family time together!

Christmas Morning

The stillness of Christmas morn.  NOT!!!!
 Someone is just a little excited about getting a Kindle Fire!
One little box of entertainment, reading, and happiness.  Whatever happened to dolls and toys? Sniffle sniffle!

 Former Badger-now-Titan JJ Watt stitched into a kid's memory.....
 ...and finally, a box that holds a traditional TOY.  Our kids are just getting too darn big for the fun stuff!!
 Wynne had plenty of help in opening up her gift from Santa......
 an American Girl doll!  Hello, Melissa!  (that's what she calls her, no real reason why; I guess she just looks like a Melissa)
This little girl has been waiting a long to meet you...

 a bright-eyed girl and a sleep-deprived mom.  Thanks for the hat and necklace, Ally!
 Time to try out JUST DANCE 4 on the wii!!  This is one game I can actually figure out how to play.
 Trying the fish-bowl effect on our NEW CAMERA!!  A Canon point-and-shoot, thanks so much Mark!!
Merry Christmas to all!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Eve

It is always very special for me to worship in my home church on Christmas Eve.  Dad made the processional cross with inlaid brass, and since this was his childhood church, I feel our family intertwined with it.  I feel close to Dad in this building.  Isn't the blue poinsettia especially beautiful?
 We got to the worship service EARLY!  That's a new development :)
 It is a tradition to gather at my parents' house after Christmas Eve worship, and this year was no different.  The stockings were hung by the chimney with care...
 with hopes that Saint Nicholas soon would be there.  The grandchildren were gathered, not yet snug in their beds...while visions of ELECTRONICS and CLOTHES danced in their heads. (They're growing up too quickly!)
 An old gift re-gifted.  Last year when my folks moved into town, Dad asked me to try and get this 1946 Motorola radio/phonograph fixed.  It was something he had given Mom before they were married.  The  first antique repairman I found was a nice gentleman from Beloit; I sent pictures to him by e-mail, and we talked on the phone.  "I think I can fix it," he told me, but I never had opportunity to drive to Beloit and deliver it...until summer.  Sadly, the gentleman had died by then.  So I went back on the Internet and started looking for someone else who could fix old record players.  I was fortunate to find Steve at Paragon Music in Madison.  I had my niece deliver the phonograph, Steve took a look at it and called me up with enthusiasm in his voice.  "This is in GREAT condition for how old it is!" he told me, and he was confident that he could fix it...but it would cost some $$.  Steve has fixed hundreds of old music boxes and record players and done work with the state historical society.  I hesitated because of the cost, but then I realized--what am I waiting for?  This is something that Dad wanted me to do!  And I can't go back on a promise to him!
 So my brothers and sisters went in on the gift, and we gave it to Mom on Christmas Eve.  To hear the vinyl, the crackling of Bing Crosby singing "Silent Night" on the old gives me goosebumps just to think about it.  Dad, can you hear it?
I think Mom likes it.  I hope so, anyway.  I hope it brings back lots of good memories for her.  It certainly does for me :)

But Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart.--Luke 2:19