Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Morning

The stillness of Christmas morn.  NOT!!!!
 Someone is just a little excited about getting a Kindle Fire!
One little box of entertainment, reading, and happiness.  Whatever happened to dolls and toys? Sniffle sniffle!

 Former Badger-now-Titan JJ Watt stitched into a kid's memory.....
 ...and finally, a box that holds a traditional TOY.  Our kids are just getting too darn big for the fun stuff!!
 Wynne had plenty of help in opening up her gift from Santa......
 an American Girl doll!  Hello, Melissa!  (that's what she calls her, no real reason why; I guess she just looks like a Melissa)
This little girl has been waiting a long to meet you...

 a bright-eyed girl and a sleep-deprived mom.  Thanks for the hat and necklace, Ally!
 Time to try out JUST DANCE 4 on the wii!!  This is one game I can actually figure out how to play.
 Trying the fish-bowl effect on our NEW CAMERA!!  A Canon point-and-shoot, thanks so much Mark!!
Merry Christmas to all!


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