Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Music of the Season

Advent brings with it wonderful Christmas music, carols, concerts, and the Sunday School program!  This year I decided to write a show that would play off of the kids' / culture's "obsession" with Disney's "Frozen".  Please don't Disney that we changed the lyrics a little bit....I promise we didn't sell tickets to the show;)
Anyway, isn't our "winter wonderland" set pretty ? Diane had a great idea to have the kids make the pipe cleaner/bead snowflakes to add to the branches.
Our oldest girls - starring in their last Sunday School program - sniff! sniff! - "Olaf" (Alli D.,), "Anna" (Shae), and "Elsa" (Paige) along with fifth grader Makenna ("Kristoff") did a great job of conveying the story of how our hearts need to warm up to Jesus and share His love with others.  I was proud of how the twins had their parts memorized (no cue cards)!
The twins also had fun piecing together costumes from Thrift Shop/closet finds....and Paige added her own sparkly snowflake/tucked touches to Elsa's gown.
Shae, Paige, Mitchel, Alli, & Makenna
Meanwhile, we can't forget the adorable little Rock Trolls!  Can you find Wynne in that bunch?  "Jesus Rocks!"
Next up: the middle/high school Christmas concert.  Ally plays first chair trumpet in the high school band (far left).  They had a Frozen medley in there, along with traditional Christmas music.

We have 3 kids in the middle school band.  First row: Paige on the clarinet, second row: Shae on the French horn, and back row: Cy on percussion.  Cy didn't tell us that he had a solo again this year!  It was pretty good.  He likes to rock the traps;)  And did I tell you that my 4 older kids played their instruments after the Christmas program?  Thanks to their band teacher Mr. Cooley for putting together an arrangement - sounded great!

This is a musical family we are a part of...it was a treat to visit at Tashner's this month and hear Catherine on the cello!

Sing to him, sing praise to him; tell of all his wonderful acts.---Psalm 105:2


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