Tuesday, December 30, 2014

November to Remember

 One of the nice things about not teaching for a week and a half is having time to catch up on the blog!

So back in November, we had another birthday to celebrate in the family.  Actually, a couple - Mark's grandma reached the milestone of 90.  That's awesome!  And then there was me.  We won't say the number.

 Have I told you lately how lucky I am?
 So much to be thankful for.  Just need to slow down enough to remember that!
 A week later we hosted Thanksgiving at our house for Mark's side of the family.  Yes, back in November we actually had SNOW!  Cousin Jeff's daughter Lucy was able to come back and enjoy time with her second cousins.
 I can remember they were watching the Lions (on Thanksgiving day, of course!)...too bad I can't recall their opponents.  Google...oh how could I forget? Da Bears lost to the Lions.  Some of these people would rather forget the Bears season this year.
 Is Joey giving me the finger here?? Geez, some people can't take candids I guess...
 Looks like Cy decided to join Ally on the awesome double chair.
 She doesn't look too happy about it.;)
 Mark's kids, Doug's kids, Jeff's kids, Sara's kids.....
 A new Siegert baby at the table this year!  Harper Grace (with her mommy Jackie)

 And then on Saturday night - over to Mom's house for the Engelke Thanksgiving.  Mark, Ally, and Cy were at the Badger game that day ...and as you can see, everyone else was in Mom's living room watching it on TV!
 After the Badgers beat the Gophers, we joined in the garage for prayer and supper.

 Our compliments to the hostess!
 Little Joseph isn't so little anymore!  Almost 2!
 Engelke Cousins + Holidays = Monopoly.  It's a given.
Catherine, Paige, Bailey, & Shae
 Grandma and Grandpa's pool table gets lots of play at holiday time!
 It was nice to see so many relatives over the long weekend!  Happy Thanksgiving!
Memphis, Kaleb, & Emerson


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