Monday, December 29, 2014

KY Part 3: Southern Hospitality

The first few days in Kentucky, we stayed with my cousins Janet and Jerry near Brandenburg.  This is their garage/apartment which became our home-away-from home!
Jerry and Janet have a beautiful home in the country.  They were the epitome of southern hospitality!  They really rolled out the red carpet for us, with their kindness, generous snacks/treats, delicious cooking, bountiful garden food, and just general friendly ways.  Beds/bedding for all - when I think of the laundry Janet had to do after we left - we are so grateful for their kindness and would gladly come again if they'd still have us;) ha!
Janet took us around town one day so we could see Joe's redi-mix plant (back left) and we lucked out because Rick (2nd in back, next to Janet & me) took a break from his truck driving while we were visiting!  These are my cousins, ya'all :)
Rick & Libby welcomed us over to their place to enjoy the pool and some fishing.  As you can tell, they also have a beautiful home.  Libby cuts hair in her home shop to the right of this picture.

Mark is still trying to catch that "big one".
Beautiful back yard and pond....
...check out this awesome sycamore picnic table! Dad would say, "That's not going anywhere..."

A relaxing afternoon in late July.......
I just had to show you how thick and rich the Kentucky bluegrass really is!
Finally caught one!! what a catch!;)
Okay, not that big, but still not bad ;)
Whoa - nice one, Wynne!!
Isn't it amazing what trick photography can do?
Back at the Hobbs residence, another great meal with some great people.
Ally, Janet, Wynne, and Jerry
 A little ballgame in the yard....
...while Janet took me over to Jerry's amazing garden!  This picture doesn't do the watermelons justice!  We got to take one of these babies with us for some good eating later in the week.
I think they'd already had one crop of sweetcorn by then (late July)..........
All in all, it was a wonderful stay with some wonderful people.  Thanks again, Janet and Jerry!  Come and stay with us anytime (although I can't promise you garden produce like that;)

But hospitable, a lover of good, self-controlled, upright, holy, and disciplined.--Titus 1:8


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