Monday, December 29, 2014

KY Part 2: Louisville Riverside Park, Frazier & Slugger Museums

After our tour of Churchill Downs, it was lunchtime.  We had packed a picnic cooler and found a wonderful park next to the Ohio River.  Lots of families were out and about!

Next stop:  Frazier history museum.  Top floor was the traveling exhibit:  the NFL experience!
Look at how big an NFL football is.
Test your vertical!

Our little Packer fan with a legend.
Time your pass!
1st floor: local Civil War history, including a performance by this very talented and friendly curator.  Kentucky was a fierce battleground between the North and the South.  
"Gridiron Glory" exhibit poster outside of the Frazier.  And just a few steps took us over to...
...the Louisville Slugger Museum with this traveling exhibit from Warner Brothers!

Of course, we had to try the batting cages.  Not easy to hit a Major League pitch!!

Although a machine is used to carve/spin out the bats, each bat is stamped and stain-dipped by hand.  Several players commission their own bats to be made, somewhere like 50 bats per player per season.  Another must-see stop in Louisville!


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