Monday, December 29, 2014

KY Part 7: Lovers Leap & the Sky Lift

Here we are at Natural Bridge State Park in Kentucky, enjoying breathtaking views.
This makes me a little nervous, too, but he's not as close to the edge as  it looks!

Two sillies.

Back down the mountain we go!  I actually find this harder than going up.  Knees/thighs. ouch. (Notice Wynne sputtered out a bit by now.)
Checking out a cave
Why not go back up the mountain?  This time riding a SKY LIFT!

Wynne was my lift partner.  Just a little excited.
Mark/Paige, Cy on his lonesome, Ally/Shae....
Okay, now it's starting to get scary.
Time for another picture at the top!
Down again, down again, jiggedy jig.  Don't look down - ha!
Gulp.  Kinda scary, but you can't appreciate it until you've been there!
Shae and Ally liked it, though!
Mark and Paige were behind us on the way down.
Hey Cy!!
I'd give it a 10 out of 10 for exhilarating!


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