Monday, December 29, 2014

KY Part 9: Creation Museum

On our last day of vacation, we said goodbye to Lilly's Cub Cabin.  
 Sheila was so sweet; she came to say good-bye, gave us travel snacks, and took our picture.  Thanks for your hospitality, Sheila and Ken!
A few hours later, we were in northeastern KY at the Creation Museum near St. Petersburg.  This is very near Cincinnati, Ohio.  The outdoor gardens were splendid!

The Creation Museum has been open since 2010 and proclaims God's glory as recounted in Genesis.
Admission is good for 2 days, but we only had about a half a day there.  Not enough, but we made the most out of it!
Lots of real dinosaur bones and casts...

...and the work of Answers in Genesis, a group of scientists from around the world who study the earth and see how it fits into God's Word!

So many people approach their thoughts about the world from man's perspective instead of starting with the Bible.
Everything makes sense when you start with God's Word first!
Take Lucy, for example. Long thought of as one of the "missing links" between apes, and humans, the museum had a fascinating display of how Lucy was an ape, not an early human.  Look at the holographic image of her hipbones, for example...this is just one of the many pieces of evidence proving her apism! (is that a word? it is now!)
See how evolutionary scientists take Lucy's skull and turn her into whatever humanlike creature they want to?  From man's point of view, the possibilities are endless!
Enough said.
How the Word of God came to be written down and shared with humankind...
A walk through the Creation Museum is like a walk through Genesis!
Peter and John looking into an empty tomb, wondering, "What happened to Jesus?"
Once he met with Christ, Paul's life was changed forever.  He gave his life to proclaiming the Good News of Christ crucified and resurrected! even in jail!
Here's where the mess begins...when we question God and His plans for us.  When we wonder if He really means what He says and wants for us.   When we doubt His sovereignty and love!
Martin Luther got in trouble with the "church powers that be" when he tried to preach Christ Alone as the way to eternal life. (Mark would say "nailing the feces"...inside joke between Catholics/Lutherans)
Martin Luther wanted to get God's Word into the hands of everyday people, not just something that was read and interpreted by priests.  The Gutenberg press put for the Holy Bible in 1454 or 1455, and it's been the #1 Bestseller in world ever since.
What does it look like when we forget, turn away from, or are never exposed to God's Word?  I was moved to tears when I looked into these "windows" to see everyday lives, everyday sin, broken homes, etc.Something we can all relate to.
Here is a family distracted, sitting in a church pew ironically.  Are we really Christians if we don't live His love "out loud" "in the open"?
Time to go back to the basics....back to Day 1.
Plenty of scientifically researched displays to back His word and His creation.  The 7 C's of History : Creation, Corruption, Catastrophe, Confusion, Christ, Cross, Consummation.

CORRUPTION (notice the serpent hanging in the tree)

Adam & Eve:  sin & shame

more sin: Cain kills Abel
 Preparing for a new world after the worldwide flood........the animatronic characters were very realistic, talking to us as we passed by!
 Noah was a righteous man who was given plans by God to make an ark for rescuing animals and his family from the flood!
 Doesn't Noah look real?  We got a first-hand look at how big the Ark was.
 You could press a button and ask Noah a question.  He came to life and answered it.  There were about 5 different questions he was prepared for!

 God made us all - one race of humans!

 Prophecies in the Bible that have come true...more to come, surely!
 Another animatronic dude, this one was a scientist explaining variations of bugs and reptiles.
 The dinosaur displays were popular.
 Outside the museum were the creation gardens, with plants from all over the world.
 Wynne met this zorse (zebra-horse) who was very friendly and eager to eat feed:)
 This became our Christmas card picture: the capstone to our family vacation!

And about 8 hours later, look what awaited us at home.  Thanks to Dan N. for taking care of our critters and putting up the lawn sign;)

 “You, Lord, laid the foundation of the earth in the beginning, and the heavens are the work of your hands." --Hebrews 1:10


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