Monday, December 29, 2014

Sparks Fly in July

The corn was "Goat-High" by the 4th of July!  Jordy (white) and Percy (black) enjoy an early-morning roost.
We had the Siegert clan over for 4th of July picnic and sparklers.
And shortly after, we had the Warrens over for supper and more karaoke! Shae accompanied.  Wynne had a microphone (again, I know this surprises you very much)!
Shae did a fair amount of pitching at the Platteville tournament.  It was fun to watch the team's improvement over the summer!
Tough guy Rudy.
The boys had a weekend away (at all-star football and Greg & Marin's cabin), so we girls had some fun of our own, including the Dubuque Farmer's Market and making these tie-dye t-shirts!!

Another summer, another summer school, another American Girl doll craft class! Shae and Paige were my much-appreciated helpers!!  Wynne is 2nd from the left on the couches.  We did Saige stuff (painting/ horses etc)
Doug's and Sara's family joined us for a cook-out one summer night.  Time to chase the goats off of their roof!
We interrupt this family picnic to bring you the summer school band camp recital with Paige and Shae!
Sara, Lauren, Brooke, Mady, Mark etc. in the audience...
Paige at clarinet (Mr. Cooley accompanying) - sounded really good!
Brooklyn and Shae are getting to be very strong French Horn players!
Summer garage sale find:  Massage Table.  I thought I was going to use it in my classroom as a reading "bench"...meanwhile, it was a wonderful place for our little masseuses (sp.?) to practice!!

Claire and Ally show us the reason why you don't play softball in shorts.
Some of the Engelke gang gathered at Warner Park in Madison to watch Kaleb's team (The Green Bay Bullfrogs) take on the Madison Mallards.  Kaleb is a pitching coach.
tailgate at Warner Park with Crystal, Mike, Stuart, Ken et. al.
Brian thought he was getting us these amazing stadium seats...LOL...not quite.  We sat on the grass underneath the scoreboard along with dozens of other fans. Oh well, it was fun anyway!

Kaleb going to the mound to talk with one of his pitchers....

...Mark and Cy snuck over behind first base after about half a game to sit in real seats!
The Bullfrogs won, but the Mallards had a lot of great shows/entertainment throughout the night, including a diamond dig and these post-game fireworks!
Lacey is in Palo Alto, CA but here's the rest of Brian & Mary Kay's family!
Mary Kay, Crystal, Kaleb, Brian, & Jared
And here are some of the cousins with Kaleb after the game:  Arek, Leila, and our gang!


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