Monday, December 29, 2014

June Revisited

More summer posts coming to you in December...sorry......
Marin, Greg, and their beautiful family celebrating Ryker's baptism.  (Ryker was born in March.)  Ally is so honored to be one of Ryker's godmothers (with their babysitter Jackie)!
Yes, ice cream trucks really do ring bells and drive through your least in Greg and Marin's neighborhood!  Grandpa Donny treated everyone to an ice cream! Yay!!

Another new baby arrived in the family:  Jamie & Jackie welcomed Harper Grace in late May!
Grandma Jan enjoying her youngest grandchild...
...while we eat, drink, and get silly (especially Kierta and Ally)!
Cy and Brock took a break from playing ball to watch the present opening.
End-of-school-year/beginning-of-summer campfire at our place with the Grandma Engelke, Tashners...
...and Simons!
Cy bought himself a REAL light saber to celebrate the end of a school year.

Don't break it, Dad!!
Last weekend in June: Engelke Campout!  The Tashners hosted a really fun weekend at a great camground up by the Dells.

We had a pretty nice cabin to crash I've said before, we don't "rough it" too much.

"panning for gold" at the campground
Wynne, Shae, Catherine, Paige, Stuart, Arek, Bailey

Leila and Stuart
Somebody finally convinced me to break down and buy the camp store's outrageously overpriced ice cream.
It's always a good time for a HAY RIDE!!
The guy running the hay ride was very knowledgeable about the whole area, including details about the trees, the geography of the land, and the nearby waterways.
It rained a bit on Saturday afternoon, but not to fear - the campground had organized activities like frosting cookies and playing BINGO!
Some of the hardcore sand volleyball players went out.  I avoid sand volleyball due to past embarrassments.
That night, Julie and Mike hosted a delicious Mexican taco supper (it was Mexican weekend at the campground, I think).
There was also - lucky for us - KARAOKE!!  Oh, how fun ...
...Ally didn't seem to think so!
Aunt Mary Kay and the girls - I can't remember the song now, darn it.  They were pretty serious about it.
Wynne just had to have a solo.  Does that surprise you?  The girl running the karaoke machine was a really, really good singer.  Like American Idol good. (In a good way! ha!)
Dan and Tammie were celebrating their anniversary that week, too!  27 years and counting!
Marla, Brian, and Ken "enjoyed" the singing, I think!
Mary Kay and Jared lead this song.  Doesn't look like Garrison, Memphis, or Emerson were really "into it" though. LOL
Mike & Garrison sang the "Rockstar" song from Shrek!
Oh, how I wish I could remember what Sammie and Kaycie's song was.  As you can tell, they put a lot of heart and soul into it!
My three un-shy girls....Ally where are you??
Besides my pathetic hairdo (is it a do? more like a DON'T), wanna know what else is really pathetic?  I cannot remember what song that we were singing.  I just remember that it was a weird rendition that was not at ALL like I remember it.  Yeah, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!
Tashner's "back yard" at the campground, host site for the late-night poker game.
And on the way home the next day, our very own tailgate lunch in the Tanger Mall Parking Lot.  Oh yes, we did!!


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