Saturday, November 8, 2014

Halloween , Harvest Concert, Volleyball and More

Odds and ends from the last part of October!  
We've all been busy at school, including the high school library club (shown here on Blood Drive Day)!  Thie group of kids meets with me for lunch on Mondays; I bribe them with smoothies to help me keep the shelves tidy, displays ready, etc.  We did a Halloween readers theatre based on an old Grimm Brothers tale, "The Boy Who Wanted the Willies."  The teachers followed with a comic rendition of Poe's "The Raven."
 The girls had their first-ever middle school dance.  Paige designed her "Cinderella fairy" type outfit, and Shae and her friend Anna were unicorn twins.  The unicorns won first prize for their homemade costumes! (It made their mom a little sad that the twins didn't want to be twins together, but that's the nature of middle school, right? wanting to fit in with everybody but your own family members. Sigh.)
Here are a few of the gazillion girls in Paige and Shae's class.  They are a fun bunch!

Brooklyn, Anna, Paige, Mandi, Shae, Alli
 The last Saturday morning in October was beautiful out, perfect weather for a Superhero 5K run/walk in memory of Tate!  I put on a cape and joined the fun.  Race organizers (family members) put up funny jokes and inspirational sayings along the way.  It was my first outside run since 2 years ago, so I could barely walk the next few days, but it was worth it for Tate!
 Ally's godmother Aunt Marla took us to a Badger home volleyball game vs. Nebraska a few Sundays ago.  Julie, Marla, and I took a bunch of our kids up and enjoyed lunch at Lucky's right before the match.  The Badgers took all 3 games that day and looked AMAZING!
 Some of the senior football players performed "Miss Nelson Has a Field Day" for the elementary students to promote reading.  This is always a treat for the kids!
 Here's an old pic from Ally's sweet 16.....Wynne made her this sign for her room.  Oh, did I mention that Ally got her DRIVER'S LICENSE the other day??? It is going to be nice to have another driver! (when we're not worrying about her..)
 Wynne had a friend, Kyli, come along to Stonefield Halloween a few weeks ago, as well.  Wynne put together her own version of Elsa, and Kyli was Cinderella (I think).  Both girls were too scared to go through most of the stores!

 Ally's godfather Uncle Greg came down for her birthday.  We had pizza (including gluten-free) at Steve's!
 Wynne's 3rd grade class joined the 2nd graders for Harvest/Thanksgiving songs at a fall concert.  They sang songs and played instruments from all over the world.
 Wynne has stage fright, as you can tell.  (not!!)
 I feel sorry for Sydney because Kyli and Wynne were laughing about something during one of the songs.  Oh well; they brought a lot of energy to the music!

The annual 8th grade Personified Vocabulary Costume Party was held on Halloween in my English classroom.  Students have to come up with a word and turn it into a name that they can "become".  Here we have Paul Lou Shun (pollution), Juan Hundred (100), and Mister E (mystery)!

Will, Cy, and Jason 
 For "real Halloween", Will put on his Superman costume and flew around the streets of Potosi, saving the good citizens of our town a lot of toothache by taking their candy from them. ;)
Mrs. A about to share a hug with Wynne, Cy, and Nate

Meanwhile, Claire's team was stomping all over everyone at the end of their regular season and all through the play-offs!  They just finished an awesome season at the state championships, falling to Catholic Memorial.  Way to go, Claire!!


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