Saturday, January 3, 2015

More Christmases!

The Siegert family Christmases were held on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.  Ally enjoyed catching up with her godson Ryker!
 Lauren & Payton know where the toys are at Aunt Sara & Uncle Glenn's house.
 Glenn's bar was a favorite spot
Greg, Ryan, Paula, Joey
 The newest family addition, Harper Grace, was all smiles with Uncle Doug.  Maybe it was his ugly Christmas sweater!
 Glenn & Sara's basement is HUGE, great for this family get-together!
 Plenty of cousins games going on...
Kierta, Jonah, & Mady

clockwise Wynne, Brooke, Kierta, Jonah, Maddie (Paige in front)
 Shae and Paige are some of the "big kids" now...weird!  They are very good at keeping their little cousins occupied.
Shae & Brock (almost 3)
 Aunt Sara loves to hold the babies.  Payton loves babies, too!
 Glenn & Sara hosted a really fun Bingo game.  We had all kinds of little gifts for the kids to win!  The biggest was Uncle Glenn's big-money giveaway...lucky little Lauren was the winner!
 Godparents/godchildren gifts were I am with my cute little Mady Boots;)
 Uncle Mark gave Tage a new Lego set.  Off he goes to build it!
 Oh no; Doug has our camera! (Thank goodness; he changed out of his woman's sweater vest.)
 Time for family pictures!  We haven't done this on Mark's side for quite a while.  Took a while to get a good one...Wynne can't keep focused!
 Glenn and Sara's family: Trevin, Brooke, and Taylor
 Doug & Paula and their lovely little girls: Payton (the baby, almost 3!), Mady (6), and Lauren (4)
 Jamey and Jackie, Alana (6), Jonah (8), and Harper (7 months) - Greg &Marin's baby was napping when we took these...maybe next year...
 Jan and her kids: Jamey, Mark, Doug; Greg, Sara, Jan, Ryan, & Joey
 The goofy picture that almost got dangerous.!!
Happy New Year ! and Merry Christmas, Grandpa!
Joey, Kierta, Brooke, Jackie, Harper & Jonah
 Manicures?! Mady, Paige, Brock, and Taylor
 Watching the BADGERS BEAT AUBURN in the Outback Bowl! What a game (especially the last few minutes)!!
 Sorry I can't figure out how to rotate this picture - but you can see the neat bench that Joey made (with IH milkcans) for his dad.
 Everyone fights for a chair or couch seat in Grandpa's living room....
Doug, Payton, Greg, Mark, Cy 
 ...except for the grandkids, who would much rather jump on Grandpa's bed! Naughty monkeys.
Alana, Kierta, Wynne, Lauren, & Brooke
 An unusual occurrence in 2015: Jamey & Doug beat Glenn & Mark in euchre!?
 Brock's thinking, "This is the life:  my own chair and a big bowl of puppy chow.  Right Grandpa?"
 Uncle Joey and two little elves!
Cy, Tage, Joe, & Brock


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