Sunday, August 24, 2014

Just a - swingin'

Wynne's spring science fair project was to find out:  Will a bigger person swing faster than a smaller one?
The test subject:  Shae (middle weight)...

Wynne (light weight)...

and Mom (heavyweight champion of the world?).

It was our first-ever science fair, and we had it available for all grades 1-5 students to participate.  Some students were mentored by middle/high school kids with their projects for about 8 weeks prior, while others (like Wynne) were "at home contestants", having to prepare their whole project on their own time.

Wynne's mommy helped set up her experiment chart and made sure she showed every step of the Scientific Method.  Wynne's daddy helped build the miniature swingset for pendulums.
Congratulations to all contestants!  The ones holding certificates were recognized for Best Display of the Scientific Method (including our Little Bear)!  I was pretty proud of her for choosing to participate.
Oh! Almost forgot.  Wynne, what did you discover with their investigation?
It doesn't matter how big you are.  The only thing that matters for swing speed is the length of the swing!  (so Mom doesn't swing any faster than me!)


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