Monday, May 5, 2014


Prom day was a blur...........
  ...with the big girl getting ready and her little sisters going crazy!
 Finally, after hours of tucking in the dress and a quick trip to the bridal store, we were ready.  Thank you to cousin Rheann for loaning us the cute dress!  And thank you to Susan A. for making the cute little bolero to match!
 Ally Jo T-Bird...isn't she pretty?  (I'm so glad she is talented enough to do her own hair, too!)
 Wynne photo-bombing the mother-daughter picture.  The boys were at a football clinic and couldn't be there for all the pre-prom excitement!
 Our lovely ladies.
The tradition in this town is to go to mass (whether you're Catholic or not) and gather for pictures afterwards.  The junior girls are the only ones who get to wear the big FOOFY dresses.

 Ally went with this group of sophomores.  It took a while to figure out which one was the most responsible driver;)  They went to Red Robin for supper, then back to Holiday Gardens for the dance.
 Ally and a few of her classmates...Brooke and Brittany... (notice sophomores can wear long dresses, but without the "foof"...and freshmen can wear shorties. too short in my opinion....seniors can do whatever they want, but they tend to wear shorties, too)
 My photographic assistants that evening were Wynne's friend Aubrey...
 ...and Wynne Gloria herself.  Now fully mature at age eight :)

 The day after.  I will not say "morning after" because someone slept all morning and well into the afternoon.  But she had a good time, no drama, no trouble, and back home in one piece, safe and sound.  Whew!  Mom and Dad are glad it's over. ;)


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