Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Random Observations

I've been substitute teaching a lot lately, and this blog and my house definitely show the neglect!  I start a post with intentions of coming back to it, but then I get interrupted with the business of life.  So today's post--written while subbing in a middle/high school math class--contains random observations I've made over the past few months, just for the heck of it.

1.  When you work outside of the home, you are still expected to do all of the work you did at home.  Nobody helps to pick up the slack unless you beg, cajole, or threaten them.

2.  When you start making a little extra income, something breaks down and requires that extra income. 

3.  When I sweat, I smell like onions.  (see, I told you these were random!)

4.  A smile goes a long way to put people at ease.  It really does.  I don't think this one can be stressed enough.

5.  Kids of all ages are inherently good.  Even though as a Christian I know that we are born into a sinful nature and can definitely have tendencies to do/be bad, the kids I have encountered -- elementary, middle and high school kids--are for the most part good people just looking for your encouragement.

6.  Everyone should get a dog and love their dog, as he/she loves you.  Do you know that Bible verse, "We love because He first loved us?"  well, the apostle John should have included "We love our dogs because they first love us." 

7.  Just when you get all of the walnuts picked up, the nursery stops buying them.

8.  In a group of kids, whether at home or at school, someone always has to be unhappy.  Has to, or chooses to.

9.  I've never met a leftover french fry that I liked.

10.  There is always something to learn from every situation.  Use it to make you better, not bitter.  (Thanks brother Dan for that last part!)


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