Friday, September 30, 2011

Precious Gems

The girls spent a "sick day" a few weeks ago getting some fresh air and designing their own garden stones!  Paige received a kit from her godmother Aunt Deb a while back, and she was kind enough to let her sisters "share" some of the concrete.
Paige's mold (green) was full of pretty butterflies and flowers.  It came in a kit with the concrete and some shiny colorful stones.
We made the other girls' molds by cutting the bottoms off of some flimsy plastic flower pots.
Ally took hers one step further and lined the pot (which had holes in it) with paper, to make an even surface for the top of the eventual garden stone.

 The finished products are delightful!  Thank you Aunt Debby!  (The girls are pretty precious, too;)


She is worth far more than rubies.--Proverbs 31:10


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