Thursday, September 22, 2011

Can't Get Enough of Living Waters!

This weekend our Sunday School families took a bus up to Westby to visit Living Waters Bible Camp for Animal Kingdom Day.  It was an excellent way to cement the lesson we're learning this month about God's creation being "Very good"!  Don't you just love this Bucket Brigade?
Shae in car 2, Wynne in car 5

Every single staffer at Living Waters is friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and devoted to sharing God's Word and His love.  Tim led the session on birds and reptiles, where we met a friendly parrot and Ziggy, the box turtle.  He's 12 years old, about 25 pounds, and still growing!    It was fun watching him eat colorful food off of the ground with his tongue.
 Wynne was terrified of the snakes, even this little milk snake.  Can't say as I blame her; I don't appreciate snakes either!!  But Brie was very good about touching the snakes.
 When Tim brought out Veronica, Wynne ran outside and watched through the window!!
 Andrew led the session on brown trout raising.  After showing us the part of the camp where the spring literally bubbles up out of the ground, we walked a bit to see a larger stream where they raise these trout from eggs (in the picture) to sac flies (in the jar) to little baby trout (I can't remember their technical name) to trout!
 Here we see the trout being fed as naturally (with a electronically-timed shaker) as possible.  Andrew emphasized that they are trying to get the trout used to not being fed at one spot, but through many spots sprinkled throughout the water.  This will help the trout to survive in their natural environment (the river) at maturity.  Andrew did an excellent job of pointing out all of the features that God designed into the trout to enable them to survive.
 Joy led the session on mammals in the science center.  Ally is a bit apprehensive about petting the skunk, but don't worry--she's been "de-scented".  She still scared me when I held her and she held up that big furry tail....there was a smell there, but Joy assured us it was just the rest of her natural scents and hormones.  !!
 This little monkey is on loan from a zoo, and he's still a baby (and was wearing a preemie diaper).  He didn't stay still very long... you can tell!
 Just like human babies, he likes to put everything in his mouth;)
 The executive director is my friend Dennis.  The nature center/Creation Museum wasn't supposed to be open that day, but Dennis did us a personal favor and took us on a quick tour through it anyway.  I wanted the kids to walk through the 6 Days of Creation that they have masterfully crafted into exhibits in this building.  Dennis is a pro at fielding all kinds of questions, scientific, doubting, engineer in his former life, he is extremely intelligent and welcomes our questions.  He's also on FIRE for Jesus!!  I could listen and talk with him all day. 
 On the 6th day, God capped his Creation by making US--male and female--in His image.  Isn't it awesome and humbling ??
 There was a bit of rain, but we managed to dodge most of it and had a great day at camp.  Several kids and parents asked, "When are we going back?" as soon as we boarded the bus again.  Hopefully soon!  Thanks Living Waters!
For He chose us in Him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in His sight… Ephesians 1:4


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