Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Post-Game Pics

After a whole week apart, the boys and the girls are together again!
One of the neat things about the WFCA All-Star Game, besides raising money for the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin and meeting some of the young patients who benefit from it, is that it gives senior boys--and coaches and young impressionable manager-boys--a chance to make new friends and bond with really good people.  When Mark mentioned that Cy will be having ear surgery at the Children's Hospital this fall, the top fundraiser gave Cy his award--the "Packer Experience" (tickets to a Packers game)!  Steve S. (pictured below with Cyrus) is a fine young man and is playing football for Winona State in the fall.  What an incredibly kind gesture!!

To see young men (from other schools) come up to my husband and hug him, thanking him for his influence on him last week, was very gratifying and a bit emotional for me.  Colton was one of those players who worked closely with Mark at the linebacker position.
I don't remember the field ever being so packed post-game.  It was tough for the kids and me to find Mark & Cy in the crowd!  Here's a picture of one of our players, Cole, reuniting with family & friends after the game.  Cole's a good-sized kid, as you can tell;)
 Cole will play Division 2 ball at Culver-Stockton in Missouri this fall, while Dakota joins D3 University of Dubuque.  Congratulations, boys!
Not only was it a special day for the coaches and players, it was also the coach's mom's birthday!  Happy Birthday Jan!

67% of the Siegert boys
Doug, Mark, Greg, & Ryan

Yep, it's hot out here!!  Now pass me that drink!!
 Kierta, Mady & Tage
 The cousins were happy to run around after being cooped up on those hot bleachers!
It took more than a week to put together this All-Star Game.  Kudos to the Wisconsin Football Coaches Association for organizing the whole event, to UW-Whitewater and UW-Oshkosh for hosting the teams all week, and to the coaching staffs of each team (Divisions 1-3 North & South, Divisions 4-7 North & South).  Mark was proud to meet and work with the guys on the D 4-7 South Staff.  They put in several hours at home of game film study, contacting players, and fundraising.  This staff met several times at various points throughout the staff before game week.  I am always impressed with how high school football coaches are willing to share ideas, training plans, and offensive and defensive plays with other coaches (even opponents).  They love the game of football and they care about kids...and it shows.  Way to go, guys! 

 2011 Division 4-7 South All-Star Coaching Staff


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