Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wet & Wild Wednesday!

Wednesday mornings are the one time each week when Mark doesn't have to go into the weight room for summer hours (besides the weekend).  Last Wednesday, he woke up the twins and took them fishing!
Paige's first catch ever!
Shae's first catch! (He was relieved they both caught something....these girls are competitive, you know...)
Mark has a "secret spot" he likes to take the kids.  I've never been there, but I hear it's pretty fun;)

The expedition arrived home about 3 minutes before their t-ball game that morning.  We couldn't skip t-ball because they had rained out of 3 games and really wanted to play......so after a quick change of shoes and clothes we loaded up the gloves and water bottles and headed into town for the game!  This one was extra-special because Shae's team was playing Paige's team.
Shae really looks forward to playing ball.  You should have heard the crying/whining after every rained-out Monday and Wednesday morning last month!  She was all smiles during the whole game. (coulda been the fish she'd caught, too!)
Paige likes ball too, but not quite as much.  Kinda slow-moving for her at times.
I just love the anticipation here...getting ready to run home and score when the next batter comes up!
I can just hear Grandpa E. saying, "Hold your mouth right, Paige!"  The concentration is intense...

And although this is a terrible photo on my part, it captures a glimpse of how well Shae is learning to throw the ball.  She loves to play at the pitcher's mound, where she can scoop up many of the hits and throw them to first. 

Lucky girls! Very tired and hungry by noon :)


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