Sunday, July 3, 2011

Family Time Last Weekend

Last Sunday we had some of Mark's family over for a nice visit.  Mark and Doug started the day with a fishing trip in the early morning, and ended it with more fishing at night (this time with Cy tagging along).  Doug & Paula's little girl Lauren looks a lot like her daddy did at that age, I'm told!
 Greg & Marin's boy Tage is a 16-month bundle of energy.  "He wants to be wherever he's not!" Mark made the comment!  I was impressed with how well the toddlers navigated our back yard/stone walkway.
 Marin and Greg (and Doug & Paula) are in that never-stop-always-watch-your-kids mode that we were in ten years ago until...well, it's a memory now.  I miss those times, and yet, I enjoy our kids at their present age very much! 
Kierta, Marin, & Tage
 I love our new SMALLER sand play area.  Before, the entire swingset area was in sand, and this year we have mulch and only one small corner in sand.  That's enough for me to clean up:) Mady & Shae played in it for quite a while!
 Mark's new horseshoe pits were finally put to good use!

Greg & Jamey (Mark's brothers)
 Mark's Granpda Jim used to pitch shoes with him when he was growing up.  They'd play a game between loads of hay & other farm chores. 

Mark & Doug
 Kierta's going to take after her college-playing mother, I think.  She definitely has the height!  She is just as tall as Wynne, who is 2 years older than her.  Not much length coming from my side of the family ;)
 Mickey is so good with all of the kids, no matter how much unintended abuse he takes.  Now if we could just talk Greg into getting a doggy for his kids...Tage would love it!
 The chicken coop provides several minutes of entertainment, too!
Kierta & Shae
And now it's time for another Sunday family get-together, so this post has to close.  One of these days I'll have to update on VBS, softball, baseball and more!

We love because he first loved us.--1 John 4:19


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