Monday, July 18, 2011

The Boys Have Been Busy, Too

While we girls were busy with summer school and ball last week, the boys were keeping busy, too!  They were gone from Saturday to Saturday, and we missed them.  So this weekend we were anxious to drive up to Oshkosh and find out what they've been up to! 

My first glimpse of my husband in a week.  He's the good-looking one in the middle, the rebel with black shoes!
And see that little man with the red ball cap?  That's my Cypes!!
Hey Buddy!!  His sisters and I were so excited to get his attention!

What an honor it was for Mark to be selected as an assistant coach for the WFCA All-Star Game.  He coached on the Division 4-7 South Team, working as defensive coordinator.  Cy was one of team managers and got to spend the week at UW-Whitewater in the dorms with Dad!  (The south team practiced at Whitewater all week and played the game at Oshkosh on Saturday.)
For the 2nd year in a row, we've been fortunate to have not one, but two players from Potosi selected to play at the All-Star game.  Dakota was the starting running back.....
..while Cole (the big boy) started on the defensive line.  The All-Stars are the top graduating senior football players from around the state, selected by the coaches.  Congratulations boys!!
Each player and staff member raised money for the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin.  This year's games brought in over $380,000 for the hospital!
It was a hot day (but thankfully, not as hot as this week is supposed to get), as you can see from the sunshiny stands.  A lot of Mark's family made the trip up to watch the game.   Dakota's grandma Pat rode with us girls.
 Look at these young moms and their little toddlers.  Maybe it's just me getting older, but man I envy their ambition.  When my kids were 1 and 3, I would have been wayyyyyyy too lazy to consider taking them to a football game (of people I don't know playing) in the middle of July in a stadium where you can't push a stroller or pull a wagon!!  But you know what? the kids did great.  It was my older girls (the 8's) who were constantly asking me when they could open the snacks designated for each quarter of the game.  Where did I go wrong with my parenting skills!!??
Tage, Marin, Kierta, Wynne, Lauren, Paula & Mady

Oh, but what a show they put on for pre-game!  
Guess how they delivered the game ball?

Cool beans.

It was a fun game to watch, back and forth scoring.  Neither team could get much of a running game going, so the scoring was all big pass plays...oh! and one recovered fumble in the endzone for our defense!  Of course I am biased, but our defense made some huge impact plays to stop scoring drives and return momentum to the South team.   The defensive coordinator must know what he's doing ;)
 We won, 21-19!  Great job to both sides and what a way to end your high school football career!

Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men.--Colossians 3:23


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