Friday, July 8, 2011

Ladies & Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!!

I can't believe it was already a week ago that we had these races to culminate this year's VBS!
"Throttle up and DRIVE!  Race to take hold of the prize......victory only in Christ!"
We had 105 kids "get in the race" this year!

Our core team has oodles of thank-you's to write...we had so many youth and adult volunteers I hope we don't forget anyone.  God knows who you are, people ;)
The instructor & drivers at HisScars Racing Academy met with the kids each night to introduce us to the Bible themes (You need a Sponsor, Stay on Track, Refuel with Other Believers, and Keep Pressing On for the Prize).  Thank goodness we finished up before the REALLY HOT day last Friday!

 I led the music once again.  It is very tiring, but it is a sheer joy.  In my next life I will complete all credits and learn a few more instruments to become a music teacher!!  We did God Rods with the oldest group of kids this year, and they responded to them well.  "Move" by Mercy Me has a catchy beat and fit in well with the race car theme.
Mark led the games and went above and beyond, once again, to "drive home" the points of each night.  He is definitely the "fun dad" that kids flock to for energy release!!

Becky is my partner in crime in planning this VBS.  Delores joins us about 4 months ahead of time to really kick things into gear, and she plans out all of the treats.  Look at the tires she made!

It's hard to learn every single child's name, but it's not hard to share God's love with them!  They are eager to learn and share in His joy!

Pastor Gary did a great job as "Roy" the racing instructor, and our Pastor Mark came over and led closing prayer & worship on family night.  He always puts things in perspective, describing how children in Afghanistan would never even dream of such opportunities as school and VBS.  The Afghan girls are often sold as property, while the boys are put to work or war...and their biggest challenge is not stepping on a land  mine every day.  We have so much to be grateful for, and hopefully our children will be compelled to share God's love with those in need!
While the kids made wooden cars during their week at Arts & Crafts time...
every family was challenged to create a box car for Friends & Family Night!
Sadly, Ally is "too old" for VBS classes, but she was a helper this year.  Wynne, Shae, and Paige really took to the car-making with me.  For some reason Cy was not interested in the car until 10 minutes before we needed it.  Then of course it wasn't good enough! ha!
I told Joe that it wasn't a race, just a parade, but he lined up 4 cars at a time and made it a competition.  Siegert Sisters in car # 7 lining up!
Each of the kids made a pair of "sponsor stickers" like Shae's Shop, Wynne's Salon, Paige's Pizzaria, Cy's Lego World, and Ally's Ice Cream.
Cruisin' Cora waved the checkered flag, and they were off!
It was fun to see all of the shapes & sizes of cars & drivers.  My favorite was Team Jesus because the Whitaker family ALL took part in driving, including the baby in the stroller!
Every year we do a different family night that coincides with the overall theme or venue.  We've had a rodeo/square dance for our first year (Western theme), fishing, dinosaur guy, rock concert, etc.  This year the Friends & Family Night pulled together fantastically...we didn't have to worry about rain at all (in fact, it was more GNATS AND HEAT) and kept it all in the front school parking lot.  Andy from our church came over with his race car, and the Rinikers donated the use of their go-karts.  We had face painting, coloring / arts & crafts activities (making pit passes), Potosi root beer, cotton candy, hot dogs, cookies, bars, juice and water.  This year I made sure we had plenty of helpers on hand for each booth and for clean-up.  It was truly a great time.  People were so complimentary and I just thank God for the experience!  I think all the kids had a BLAST!!
Paige and Paige in one of the go-karts.  Each child attending got their hand marked, so everyone had a chance to ride around with "Dixie" ...
(or "Crash") !!

Paige and several of her friends got a little silly by the end of the evening.  They opted for "fu man chus" instead of the traditional face painted images!  Aren't they hilarious?

There are so many people to thank.  So many good people who come together for makes for a mountain-top experience every summer.  Glory to God!

I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. --Philippians 3:14


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