Sunday, July 24, 2011

Around the Yard

Mark dug this spot out where the fallen apple trees were.  We bought the wheels from my folks, and he built a barnboard "buckboard" wagon on top of them!  He even built the axles! 
 For some reason, it makes me think of the old gold miners and "The Apple Dumpling Gang".  Just gives me that pioneer/old West feel.  I love it!
 Mom and Dad gave us the milk can for our anniversary.  What a special gift!  We love this kind of stuff.
 A few neighbors have been very generous in giving us their overflow of perennials (day lilies and such).  We did purchase a few large hostas at a yard sale and these tall grasses from a retailer.  Mark transplanted the daisies from the side of the road!
 I wish I knew the name of these lilies, but at any rate they remind me of roses. 
 Ally likes to take the camera and snap beautiful nature shots, too.  Aren't these colors glorious?

I think A & W staged this photo :)

What a beautiful time of year (despite the heat)! 

Glory in His holy name; let the hearts of those who seek the Lord rejoice.  Psalm 105:3


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