Monday, September 13, 2010

New Do's and Specs

The new school year doesn't really bring new clothes (except for Cy, whose birthday is in late August), but it IS fun to have a few changes! We waited all summer for the student salon to open at the local technical college, so I was ecstatic to snag 4 appointments (for the older girls and myself) on opening night. Ally had 5 inches cut off and loves her new look. She uses a straightener sometimes (again, is this kid MINE? a STRAIGHTENER? who needs a straightener??) to show off the layers. Shae and Paige weren't supposed to get that short of a cut, but Shae was "wiggly", the stylist told me, so I told Paige's stylist to cut to the same length or we would have a comparison war on our hands. They both have natural highlights, and I think their bobs turned out pretty cute! Wynne's "new look" was bright pink nail polish on her fingers and toes. Every girl has to be pampered once in a while!

You may have noticed in a previous post that Cy is now wearing glasses. Our second child in one summer to receive the news. We were sure to order him the flex-ons which bend and supposedly don't break as easily. Time will tell. Cy was actually pretty okay with the whole thing. He doesn't wear them all of the time, only to read the board at school (kinda like Ally, both are near-sighted like their parents). Here's hoping that we don't have to buy glasses for anyone else for a few years. Or ever!!

I can dream, can't I?


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