Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Superstar Saturday

It was a really full weekend. Nice to have 4 days of it!! I just feel so blessed that the kids are fairly healthy right now so we can participate in all of the activities that are happening these days. I hate it to be so busy, but sometimes things just turn out that way.

Saturday we cut the grass, Mark painted the football field and watched the middle school game, and we joined a caravan of VBS families heading over to Shannon, Illinois for a Go Fish concert. We heart the Go Fish Guys!! They bring an awesome blend of faith and fun to their music that is enjoyable for all ages.

A group called Leap of Faith Music Ministries prayed and collected donations to make it happen for Shannon's 150th anniversary celebration, so people (like us) could drive over and take in this concert for free. Yes I said FREE. This is a group that normally takes $15-20 a ticket, so we couldn't let this opportunity pass us by. Plus, we had lots of friends from VBS who had never seen/heard Go Fish live in concert, so this was a double-blessing. Oh, make that TRIPLE-blessing because our VBS kids had "backstage passes" for memorizing the 10 Commandments, so they got to meet the band backstage up-close and get autographs/pictures! It was really cool. Even for us parents. Jason, Jamie, and Andy are young dads with a strong Christian faith who aren't afraid to jump around and sing about it! Thanks guys!!

"We're Go Fish, and we're feelin kinda Snazzy....." (Jason with the tenor melody, Jamie with lead vocals)

"It's in the Book-HUH!" (Andy adds the bass bump notes!)

Wynne couldn't believe we were listening to all of her favorites...LIVE !! No CD!!
"Yes! Jesus loves me...for the Bible tells me so-HUH!"

"I praise the Lord with my hands..." Brooklyn, Tab, Lexi, and Mandy get into the music--

--along with about 2000 other folks crowding the village of 900!

Cy, Shae, and Paige are old pros at this. We saw Go Fish in 2008, but it was so much fun to jam with them again!

BONUS:::the Guys shared a few songs from their brand new album/CD "Kickin It Old School". "You know we're going retro..." God never changes and we can be so thankful for that!!

The energy cranked up another notch as the sun set on the day....Brooke, Jacy, Ally, and Cy enjoyed singing some of the songs we did in Bible School a few months ago...

...can I call it a Christian Rave?

Sue, Jake, and Tia (Shirley, Brad, and Nathaniel) were also part of our gang. Jammin to "Superstar" and the encore...

..."I will fight to defend her (our country) like my forefathers did, so I can be free; I'm an AMERICAN KID!"

The last song really hit home because here we were, celebrating Labor Day and our freedom to express our faith in this way, in a country that allows us to do so...while thousands of troops are working around the clock to help us keep that freedom and extend it to other parts of the world who aren't so lucky. God bless them and thank God we can say "I'm an American Kid!"
Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.--Hebrews 13:8


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