Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wacky Water Wars

Cy planned out a boys vs. girls water fight birthday party the other night. Everyone was instructed to bring a change of clothes and their own water weapon!!

Maddy, Catherine, and Paige get ready for the big showdown.

Shae took a turn on the big slip & slide that Mark put up! (Thanks Grandpa Donny!)

Cy explained the "rules" to both sides. Then he fielded questions for about half an hour. (This after days of me urging him to get the game all figured out and written down ahead of time! Oh well; sometimes it's best to learn on the job.)

My best picture of the girls team: Ally, Claire, Maddy, Catherine, Paige, and Shae (Wynne and Kate not pictured).

The boys team (clockwise from lower left): Mitchel, Cy, Nolan, Noah, Will, Alex, Gabe, and Brady.

Injured reserve list for the boys team: Garrison. Hidden under his Thomas towel, he fell asleep before the actual hide-and-seek-and-get-wet part began. He wasn't injured, but he was very tired. Poor thing!

The boys looking for the girls' "power" (blue plastic tube things that Cy called "the power". Each team had to hide two of them, then try to find the other team's "Powers" and take them back to their home base. Cy's only rules were "you can't bury it, and you can't go in the pasture". Um, that leaves us like, uh, 7 acres. No biggie.

After half an hour of nobody finding anyone's "power", we took a break for pizza and Doritos. I told each team to give the other team a clue in the form of a riddle. Claire, Ally, and Maddy tried to figure out what the boys meant by "You'll find me at Mount Rushmore."

After another 30 minutes, the boys managed to find one of the girls' powers. It was getting late and everybody wanted this cake, so we called it a night!

Cy's sisters and I had fun making this water park-slash-water fight cake. Complete with Lifesaver mint inner tubes! That's supposed to be Wynne in the middle of the cake (blonde girl swimming) while Cy is in the foreground blasting his big water bazooka.

We combined the girls' Polly Pocket slides with Cy's Legos to create one amazingly accurate rendition, didn't we? There's Ally sliding down on a tube while I sit back and relax on the lounger. (Okay-that last part is not very realistic, as even I, Slacker Mom, could not just sit there and watch as my kids were swimming in the deep water.)

Too bad they don't make Lego wine coolers. That Mom's right hand is just waiting for one!


Blogger Astrid @ The Lopsided House said...

Cy's party looked like it was a blast! It looks like everyone had fun. :)

That cake....Oh my! It's AWESOME!!!! You guys are so creative and talented!

And THANK YOU so much for having us over yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

August 27, 2010 at 4:55 AM  

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