Friday, August 20, 2010

Cute Things They Say, August Edition

"Mom it looks aDORable!!" --Wynne, age 4, commenting on the pink polo top she picked out for me to wear yesterday

"Hug Monster!!!"--Paige, age 7, when she wants to give you a hug

"They said some words that made me feel uncomfortable." --Shae, age 7, on hearing "Shut up!" from some kids at a birthday party. The "cute" thing about this is that she can say the same words without feeling uncomfortable at all!! Funny how that works.

"Mom, I think you'll be kinda proud of me because it's exercise, but I know Dad will probably get mad..." --Cy, almost 10, right before telling me how he rode his bicycle from football practice, along the highway in town, over to the gas station to use the restroom. When I asked him why he rode all the way over there instead of using the school restroom, all he said was "Hot wax!" (The school custodians had just waxed the floors.) Then his sisters reminded him that there was a porta-potty at the other end of the football field, next to the baseball field. "Doh!!"

"I'm so proud of my nails!" --Ally, age 11, displaying her newly painted fingernails which have not been bitten off for the first time in ?? years

"I'm so happy of me!!"--Paige, upon learning she passed her swimming lessons


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