Monday, September 27, 2010

Dora Was Out of Her Head!

We traveled over to Waukesha this weekend to help celebrate my goddaughter Mady's 2nd birthday.

Our 4-year-old looks so big next to her little cousin Mady Boots!

Speaking of godchildren, here's Mark with his godson nephew Tage. This little guy is not so little anymore!!

Tage's big sister Kierta is an old pro at being two. I enjoyed having Kierta serve me up some sandwiches and water at the playhouse "cafe"!

Shae and Paige really liked their party favor bags...nifty Rescue Packs!

It's weird having the oldest kids at a party. I always feel so old at my husband's family gatherings! Here's our "big kid" taking the last whack at the poor Dora pinata.

Mady's silly daddy put on the Dora head after the kids grabbed up all the loot. Silly Daddy/Uncle Doug!!

Of course Wynne had to try on the Dora head, too. It actually looks pretty good on her!

The testosterone flows freely at Siegert family gatherings, as Mark and his brothers show off their athletic prowess. Last time it was chopping down a tree; this time it was rocket ball!

Proud mommy, daddy, and Madyson Ruth!

Present time with plenty of other "helpers"!

The February babies (Tage and Lauren) are growing so big!

Happy Birthday, Mady Boots!

Your faithfulness extends to every generation, as enduring as the earth you created.--Psalm 119:90 New Living Translation


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