Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A FAIRly Good Time

Septembers growing up meant the Belmont Fair. It's a weekend where my hometown school and community gather together to have skits, decorate floats, bake pies, and get fair entries ready. Growing up, moving out of the district, I became somewhat disconnected from the fair. But this year, to get more entries, the fair board decided to open all entries to people in the tri-county area. This meant that my kids could experience what it feels like to get ready for the Fair!

The kids and I put together 11 entries altogether. I won't say who got what, for fear that one of my little girls will be very sad (even though a white ribbon is better than none at all)--but I will say we got 6 blues, 3 reds, and 2 whites. Not bad at all!

The hardest part about the whole fair process was that entries had to be in on Friday between 1 and 4 p.m., when my kids are in school. (Belmont, of course, doesn't have school that day. The high school kids have to put in a certain number of work hours before/during/after the Fair--one of my favorite memories as a student.) So here is Ally re-arranging her dolphin collection which I didn't set up quite the way she would have.

And here's Cy trying to fix his Lego treehouse and mansion that kept falling apart a thousand times in transit to Belmont. Slacker Mom spent 25 minutes trying to put it back together, but Legos and I don't get along that great.

I must have done something right with his Superman collection, because Cy won a trophy for outstanding exhibit in the History & Collections Department! Thanks Mrs. Nodolf & family for sponsoring this (and for all of the memories in your classroom)!

Nephew Noah was also a trophy winner in the arts & crafts department with his carved eraser/imagery!

Another blue ribbon for Ally in the art department. She sat outside and drew our backyard one day this summer.

That summer school woodworking class really paid off!

More cousin stuff -- a blurry picture that doesn't do Christopher's Spongebob collection justice. Good job Christopher! (I should have taken a picture of Addie's gigantic award-winning pumpkin!)

Cousin Rheann (and her cousin on her mom's side) showed Dani and Rheann's pigs Bronco and I-don't-remember-his-name.

My brother Brad helps check in the hogs every year. They had over a hundred swine entries, I think I heard!

There were also a gazillion rabbits. I lost count of how many rabbits there were, and many of them were for sale. The Tashner cousins took home a few!

Notice I didn't take any pictures of the carnival rides. You know what they look like. You know how much they cost.
We had our own "carnival games" at Grandma & Grandpa's farm afterward!

While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest,
and cold and heat, and summer and winter,
and day and night shall not cease.--Genesis 8:22


Blogger Astrid @ The Lopsided House said...

It does look like you all had FAIRly good time! That's a lot of entries and a lot of ribbons! (I'm glad Ally submitted one of her drawings...I think they're beautiful).

I totally agree about those darn carnival rides! LOL!

September 22, 2010 at 4:20 AM  

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