Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sliding into 4!

Here she goes...


I think you're ready to BLAST OFF into another wonderful year because...

...you're a loyal friend who delights in good company,

making an ordinary day so much better just by being there.

You have your own style and you're not afraid to show it...

If it's colorful and fun, then you're wearing it!

Like most girls, you love to dress up...

...but you don't save your pearls for fancy occasions.

Sometimes you're the ultimate Girly-Girl...

...but you can get down and & tumble with the best of 'em!

You look up to your older brother and sisters.

Whatever they're doing, you want to do it, too!

I love your imagination, always creating new worlds to explore...

How many Fairy Lands have you built with cardboard blocks and scarves?

And nobody knows how to DANCE like you!

I love your little made-up songs...

...and how you can dance anytime, anywhere.

Sometimes it's boring being the tag-along at the big kid stuff,

but you make friends so easily that you manage to have a good time anyway!

You don't mind a little teasing...(even Dad's "pits and pinchies"!!)...

...and it doesn't take much to make you giggle in delight!

If there's a connection between having a sweet tooth

and being a sweetie...

you'd be the sweetest thing on this planet!!

Even though we call you "Little Bear", "Tiny", and "Short Legs"...

...you're a pretty big girl, when we put it in perspective.

You're four years old!

Happy Birthday, Wynne! You'll always be my little Kissy. ;)



Blogger Astrid said...


Happy Birthday Wynne!!!!!! You're the best!

April 20, 2010 at 6:45 PM  

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