Saturday, August 1, 2015

Hatfield Hideaway, Day 2

After leaving Deb & Arlie's, we drove to Black River Falls.  About 10 minutes north of town we found the "Cozy Amish Cabin" near Hatfield.  It's nestled just a bit off the road in the Black River Falls state forest!
This isn't a huge cabin, but it offered our family of 7 plenty of room!  Love the front porch.

 Upon entering, we saw this neat little kitchen.  Beautifully crafted walls, furniture, and trim!  That island by the fridge can be rolled over to the sink for dish cleaning time/food prep.

Bonus: a washer and dryer in the back room!!
 Double bonus:  the satellite TV worked!!  Although we didn't spend a lot of time indoors.
 Swingin on the front porch, all of our crazy kids :)
The fire pit had some nice benches/seats...even s'mores roasting sticks!
 As you can see from the pizza boxes, we really roughed it the first night. ;)  It was so nice to have this little patio to eat on instead of messing up the cabin at mealtimes.
 Wynne brought her AG friends with her on vacation;)
View from upstairs between the double was so well-built/sturdy, you couldn't really hear people walking on the floor/steps.
 Cy lucked out and got the double bed.  Our kids are so spoiled; they all want a bed to themselves!  Ally and Wynne took the couches downstairs.
 This was in a frame on the stairs...a confederate treasury note?? There were some neat touches throughout the cabin, including a blue insulator in the TV corner.  Mark said that was a good sign (remembering my dad who loved to use blue insulators in his woodworking crafts)!

One parting shot of the cabin:  the neat bathroom!  Green tin on the walls, easy to clean...always good;)


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