Sunday, May 3, 2015

Pretty in Pink

Four cousins...three different night!
Ally Jo (sophomore), Claire (junior), Noah (senior), & Payton (sophomore)
 This being my first prom photo taking session (okay, Ally went last year, but we didn't gather to take formal photos)....I didn't even think to dress up for a parent-child photo.  Sorry!  Hey, at least I'm in a clean t-shirt. LOL
Amy & Ally, Payton & Marla, Claire & Julie=="The 3 Girls and their kids"
                                           Potosi and Iowa-Grant sophomores looking great!
                                 Many cousins together...don't blink or Wynne & Garrison will be going to prom soon!
                                             Ally and her godmother, Aunt Marla
          Grandma drove over to the photo session just in time! (okay, she missed Claire & Noah, but Ally and Payton were still around!)

                                         stopping over to Grandma Jan's for a quick pic with Dad
                                         After church in Potosi, it's tradition for kids to gather for photos...I was just commenting on all the "pretty colors" of the prom dresses.....and then this poor kid walked into view with "pretty colors" on his eye!  OUCH!  Baseball game mishap the night before ...
2 softball pitchers, Ally & Emily
                  I have to brag about Ally a little bit here.  She works at Holiday Gardens and saved up to buy her own dress, hair clips, bracelet, and half of her hair/make-up.  She picked out a lovely, elegant, and (my favorite word) MODEST gown.  She looked beautiful and way too old for her dad and me.  She is a sophomore and has informed me that the juniors are the only ones who get to wear the big poofy dresses.  Should I start saving up$ already??  Anyway, she went with her junior friends --like Callie here--and had a great time.
It was a tiring day, lots of running around to appointments, picking up fake nails at Walmart (ha!), etc. ..then trying to sleep but lying by my phone waiting for texts to see when she needed a ride home from post-prom.  Thankfully her night went well and she arrived home--safe and sound--and is sleeping right now (the night after).  Whew!


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