Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Campout 2015

Here's a camp survival kit 
to help you through the "rough"
If it gets hot, dark, or smelly,
Or when the flies are enough!
 Last weekend we made the 45 minute drive west to Bagley's Jellystone Park.  It was our 25th annual family campout, so we marked the occasion with t-shirts highlighting our favorite activities on the front and places we've gone over the past 25 years on the back!

The big news of the weekend belonged to Crystal.  The day before, her boyfriend Eric proposed to her!  Congratulations to the happy couple!!
 Here are some photos of the 40-some people who converged on the campground into 8 cabins.....
Mary Kay & Brian (with little Mason in the back)
 ........Games in the loft!
Bailey, Catherine, Memphis, Shae, Wynne
 Ken set up a table in his cabin for a late-night poker game.  Uncles are teaching younger boys how they play.  Pretty cramped quarters here!  I think Brian was sitting on the fridge.
Gabe, Brian, Payton, Ken (Nick in Brewers cap)

Jared, Cy, Nick
 On Saturday, we drove over to the Livingston Park for the biennial Myers Family Reunion.  It was rainy, but thank goodness Aunt Tammy brought Apples to Apples over for the kids!
 It was nice to hear familiar -- and new-- stories about my grandparents, aunts, and uncles on my mom's side.  Also great to see so many Myers from all over the country!
cousins Janet, Marshall, Peg, Jan, & Mom
 Deb was one of the organizers & did a great job.  So did my cousin Dan (as "MC") and brother Dan (financial advisor).  We voted to fix Grandma and Grandpa Myers' gravestone, as some of the names are misspelled on it!
 Back at camp, we gathered for bags...
Nick, Jared, Ron, Mark, Brad, & Pam
 bouncy pillows...
Garrison, Catherine, Bailey, Wynne, Shae
Noah, Payton, Gabe, & Cy (& Ally)
Kaycie, Sammie, & Marla
 ...and 25 trivia questions about 25 years of Engelke campouts!
Wynne, Sonja, Brad, Ken, Katie, Deb, & Danielle
 As hosts this year, Mark and I secured the location of the campout, sent out the information to family members, designed 25-year t-shirts, made welcome packs, and came up with 25 questions for the 25 years we've been doing this thing.  It was fun listening to people remember/argue/laugh about all of the memories!
 The family campout is a time for our very large family (my folks, brothers, sisters, their kids, and their grandkids) to get together in one space for a weekend of fighting over golf carts. Just kidding, Catherine and Shae!
 Some of the questions included  - Where have we repeated our campouts (visited more than once)?
 Where did we play a lot of 4-square games in the parking lot?
 Where is the most unusual place that the boys held a poker game?
Bailey & Paige are frustrated with the "older years" questions!!
 Where did we go to city-wide garage sales?
 "Who did it" at the western murder mystery party?
What competition did the Tashners organize at Smokey Hollow Campground?
Julie & Dan
  What did Uncle Brian dress up as for the Survivor games at Crystal Lake Campground?
Eric & Brian
 Where did Jared and Kyle build the most magnificent sand castles?
 What river did some of us go tubing down at Blakley Hobbit?
brother Brad
 Where did the kids sit for storytime in their PJs, complete with hot chocolate?
our 9 year old Little Bear
  Who announced they were going to be a big sister at a campout?
 What was the name of the drive-in movie we watched in Door County?
Claire & Kaycie
 When will this trivia game ever end??? (it's almost over, Rheann :)
 The next morning, on the way home, some of us stopped at Ma's Bakery in Bloomington for breakfast.
Nick, Paul, Payton, Garrison, Marla, Sam, Kaycie, Mike
 What a delicious bakery/sandwich stop!  Ma's Bakery is regionally known for its delicious food & catering.  The locals were so kind to us and even let us use the big table for our group -- along with the Sunday paper!
All in all, it was a fun campout.  Went by quickly because we got there 3 hours later than everyone else on Friday, Mark took the twins to a ballgame early Saturday morning, and we spent Saturday afternoon at the reunion...but still, a great way to spend a weekend with loved ones.  Loads of laundry, 2 nights on a hard mattress, and several bug bites later, we are still grateful for the fun of the annual campout!

My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from him. He alone is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will never be shaken.--Psalm 61:1-2


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