Saturday, August 1, 2015

Summer Vacation 2015, Day 1

Why not start out this year's summer vacation with your sister cooking supper for you?!
Grillmaster Debby
 The home-grown chicken was delicious! As well as the potato salad and pudding dessert!!
Notice how the further north we go, the bigger the dogs get. :)
Lucy, Shae, Paige, Ally, Wynne, and Maverick enjoy supper on Sveen Farm
 We hadn't been to Arlie & Deb's for three years.  It was so good to enjoy a day with them.  Such a relaxing place to visit!
ATV riding in the Lunde Coulee
 Now here's a place where you really need a Ranger.  Not the driveway, but look at the hilly pastures surrounding Sveen Farm!
 Rosie (the St. Bernard) and Lucy (the lab) ran right alongside of us.  Lucy, being only 2, ran up the steep hill to look at the cattle with us.  By the time she got to the top, she was panting pretty hard.  She jumped into the Ranger and sat right between Debby and me, slobbering all the way!  Deb said she's do our laundry LOL
 The cows wondered what in the world we were doing on the hilltop with them after supper!
 Beautiful views of Trempeleau County at sunset....
 Uh-oh!  Look who's driving now!
Mark and the kids broke out the croquet set and played into the dark!

 Arlie had Jeremy's dad refinish Mom and Dad's old wardrobe/dresser.  Isn't it beautiful?
The next morning it was raining, so the girls and I went with Deb to get her car fixed and shop in LaCrosse.  We also got to see John & Andrea's new house with a tour by Lillian and Viola (in Onalaska).  Andrea made delicious rhubarb crisp, and the girls of course enjoyed shopping for new school clothes. We set off for the second part of our trip that afternoon.  Thanks to Deb and Arlie for hosting us and sending us on our way with farm fresh eggs and beef!  You spoiled us!


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