Sunday, May 24, 2015

May Days

Another milestone this spring...Shae and Paige "graduated" from Sunday School!  I can't believe they're already old enough to start confirmation.  !!
AJ, Shae, Paige, and Alli D. - 6th graders
 The 6th grade rite-of-passage :  Outdoor Education at Wyalusing.  The girls' skits were especially creative!
Paige (in gray/black) with her cabin 

Shae (far right unicorn) with her cabin 
 Say hello to Squeaky and Floppy!  Or is it Wilbur and Babe?  (Or Mark calls them Greg & Doug after his brothers)
 Mothers Day's 2015 - I received a lovely wind chime from Taliesin (Frank Lloyd Wright's home) from Ally, some hugs and laundry folding (hooray!), and this creative card:  "Thanks for raisin' me Mom" with a box of raisins.  Wynne told me she found the idea on Pinterest.  Gotta love it!
 Paige has started sewing lessons with a very kind and generous lady who subs at our school.  She made me this awesome pillowcase!!
After an afternoon/evening at Mark's mom's, we came back home and snagged a picture before bed.  Me and My Six Kids (because a doggie is a needy child, too!)   The kids just keep on growing!  I missed seeing my mom on this day, but the girls and I had a chance to visit with her on Saturday for a while.  Happy Mother's Day, Mom! Love you lots!

 Last weekend Mark, his mom, and I had a chance to travel to Chicago for his cousin Nicole's wedding.  It was a great day!
cousin Jay and Mark's Aunt Linda (mother of the bride)
 It was a beautiful Greek Orthodox ceremony, full of traditions and held in a lovely church that has been a part of the groom's family for years. Congratulations to Dean and Nicole!
 The reception was held in the Marriott River North with quite a window view!
 After a wonderful dinner and some touching toasts, the father-daughter dance added even more to the e
Joe & Nicole

Meanwhile, school is winding down and we are in the midst of graduation season.  Oh, and youth rec (summer baseball & softball) have started.  We will bring you news from the ball field soon enough!  It's a busy spring, as usual!

Truth shall spring out of the earth; and righteousness shall look down from heaven. Psalm 85:11


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