Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Twin Hams Turn Twelve!

March Madness means basketball games, brackets, and two birds in our house having a birthday!
They've been really busy the past few months on their National History Day project, an exhibit honoring the Leadership and Legacy of Vince Lombardi!
Even the Bears Fan helped a little bit :)
planning the timeline (each yard line marked 5 years of Lombardi's life)
 This is the project that won at the local contest and took them to Regionals!  Way to go, girls!!
 As their library teacher, I helped all of the 6th graders with the research process and with developing their thesis.  Shae and Paige had a GREAT thesis, if I do say so myself;)  This is (in my opinion) the most important part of the whole project because it drives your research and how you present the information that you find.

 Right after the local contest, we had about 15 girls over (the entire 6th grade girl contingent) over to our house for a Saturday afternoon.  The girls wanted to share a big cookie cake and ice cream with their friends!
Happy 12th Birthday, Paige and Shae!
Unbelievable.  Now you can sit in the front seat of the car!
 Their friends were too generous.  I mean, the girls received more gifts than I can remember! Shoes! clothes! stationery! drawing pads! giant unicorns!
 The month concluded with a trip to the NHD regional competition in UW-LaCrosse.  Bonus:  we got a tour of the physical education/training building by their cousin Kaycie! (thanks honey!) And we got out of school for a day :)  We took 9 entries (4 exhibits, 4 documentaries, and 1 performance) and competed among 399 students with 250 entries.  I know the girls were very disappointed not to qualify for state (they only take THREE exhibits....out of UMPTEEN entries), but they were asked to display their work at the LaCrosse Public Library, which is a big honor.  I'm just so proud of all of the kids - and especially our twin hams for all of the extra hours (on weekends, nights) they put into their research projects.
 There were a lot of amazing student entries.  Lombardi held its own with the best of them!
See? a crowd favorite :)
Happy Birthday, Paige!
Happy Birthday, Shae!
We're proud of your hard work at school and the enthusiasm you bring to learning!!
Love, Mom and Dad

An intelligent heart acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge.--Proverbs 18:15


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