Sunday, March 8, 2015

Cute Things They Say, 3rd Grade Edition

So our niece Megan's husband Jeff is a 2nd grade teacher in Potosi now, and he gets to see Wynne frequently (since they're both "in elementary school" together).  Jeff grew up near Chicago and was a child actor.    Wynne's teacher was telling her class about how Mr. Wiseman was in "Home Alone", and Wynne (having seen the shack that Jeff's renting in Platteville as Megan and him do the long-distance relationship between Platteville-Sun Prairie) says,
"Even though he has millions of dollars, he lives in a bad house."

I don't what's more amusing- - does Wynne think that teachers make millions of dollars? Or that a child actor in his 30s would be a millionaire?  Either way you look at it, it's pretty funny. (especially in Scott Walker's "I'll Never Vote for Right to Work" State!!)


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