Sunday, January 12, 2014

South Dakota Day 3, Part 2: Lunch & Crazy Horse

(From Guest Blogger Shae.......):  After we visited Mount Rushmore, we drove a few miles to eat a picnic lunch.  
                                     The Black Hills were so beautiful and tall and especially . . .
                                                                Fun to climb!
But, although they were fun to climb Mom had a little trouble on the steep parts.
                                As you can probably see the hills were really high up in the sky.

There were some bumps and cracks that were hard to climb through but we still made it to the top,

                             After that little trip of climbing we settled down and had some lunch.

After a 45 min trip in the car we made it to Crazy Horse.
It was amazing how big it was!

                                              The museum was pretty good too.

                                        Here's a picture of one of the Native American drawings.
This is what Crazy Horse is supposed to look like after it's done.
                                 That's their plan for when they build a Native American college.

Korczak Ziolklowski was the one who started carving Crazy horse and did many of the sculptures in the museum.
                                               We all had a little fun while we were there too.

                                       Everyone got a souvenir made from the Native Americans.

This is what Crazy Horse looked like but we don't know for sure


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