Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Mixed Bag

In the span of a week, we can experience so many highs and lows.  Mediums, too.  November is almost over and it's crazy to not be blogging about it till now!

A recap of the month so far:  Shae competed in the 5th and 6th grade math contest at our local CESA.  The team placed third!  

Playing football in November is always our goal.  It's such an honor to be playing that late.  Unfortunately, the season ended two weeks earlier than we would have liked it to...but 10-2 is nothing to be ashamed of.  Great season, Chieftains!
 Uncle Joey came to visit and taught the girls how to make his amazing firehouse pretzels!  Salty and sugared, take your pick!
 The annual AD convention at the Dells is something our kids look forward to for about a year.  This is right before we went into a laser gun/3D ineractive movie thing.  I guess you'd call it 4D because the seats move (I think?).  We went into this thing 3 times and I failed miserably each time.  Not sure why my name is Amy if I don't have any aim.!  I really think I have taken some good shots, but the score card doesn't lie!  Cy took this game every time, but Mark dominates at the laser tag.  We kept a score for each of us, of course.  Competition makes the whole thing a lot richer of an experience, right?  

 Cy got 100% on his plant cell model out of ... you guessed it!  Great job, Cyrus!
I got to go to my first Badger game in 19 years last weekend.  Despite the cold rainy conditions, it was awesome!

 Barry Alvarez was on the field at pre-game.
 My personal favorite:  The Badger Band !!!!!!!!!!!!! Note the high step.  I've been in a college band and I know how hard these steps and formations are.  But we didn't have to hold our music with one hand and our instrument in the other....amazing!!!
And there's BUCKY !!! 

 If can't agree on our professional football affiliations, at least we can all agree on our favorite college team. :)
 Prior to the second quarter the team from 1993-94 was recognized for the 20th anniversary of our first Badger victory at the Rose Bowl!

One last look at our favorite football team.  Great effort, boys!


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