Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmastime with Family

Christmas with Mark's side!
Saturday at Sara & Glenn's house...
Paige, Shae, & Taylor

Jamey, Doug, & Ally
 Glenn and Sara have a great hill for sledding!

Cy on his snowboard

Kierta & Paige

Warming up back and board games and eating (WAY TOO MUCH EATING)!

 Present time!
Goddaughter Mady with her princess pin and Pizza Monkeys book (signed by my cousin Cubby Tracy)

Shae, Tage, Kierta, Marin, Brock, & Paula
 Grandma Jan gave Ally a pillow pet dolphin!
 We had a few serious rounds of Pictionary.  Right Joey?
Ryan, Brittany, Jan, & Joey
 Sunday we celebrated over at Grandpa Donny's house!  We tried sledding this day, too, but the snowfall overnight/morning made it tougher to really get anything going.  The Siegert boys did manage to find a way to make it fun, though;)
Wynne, Mady & Lauren

Cy, Mark, Ally, Greg, Brock, Donny
 Admiring Gigi's Cupcakes.........
Glenn, Paula, Payton, Ally, Joe & Ryan
 The babies aren't so little anymore...
Brock, Doug, Payton
 Grandpa admiring photos of times gone by on his calendar.......
 Godparents and godkids share hugs...
Shae and Uncle Joey
 And we met up again on Christmas Day -- only this time, with MORE cousins at Great-Grandma's house!
Cousin Jeff's daughter Lucy, Wynne & Paige
 It's always a special time (and we eat WAY too much) at Grandma's house:)
Grandma Joan, Doug, and Payton (who will turn 2 on Grandpa Jim's birthday next May)


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