Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas on the Other Side

Claire & Mark
Mom decorated her tree with 43 bulbs for every member of the family.  I think she might need a bigger tree!
 Gathering in Mom and Dad's basement...
Samantha, Payton, Paul, Mike, Nick, Dan, Kaycie (Tammie on stairs)
 The 2013 baby is walking and getting bigger!
Joseph, almost 11 months old
 We snuck over to Grandma and Grandpa's after church on Christmas Eve.  Enjoyed Grandma's soup and some family time!
Paige, Shae, Sammie, Catherine
 Mom and "the three girls"....where are our matching outfits this year, Mom?!
Amy, Julie, Mom, & Marla
 The full Christmas gathering has been held at the MP hotel on the Saturday after Christmas for over a decade now.  It is so nice to gather that large group of people into the big convention room for games, food, and gifts!
Catherine, Paige & Shae--all ten and crazy!
 Our older nieces were gathered around so I thought I'd snap a picture.  Next time, I should probably ask them to stop and look at me!;)
Sam, Kaycie, Dani, Lacey, Korrine, Kelsey, Megan, & Crystal
 I think Mitch enjoyed spending Christmas this year with his family, not in Afghanistan!  So good to have him back!
Mitch & Logan (age 2)
 Wynne gets spoiled by her godmother, Aunt Tammie.  A pink tutu, doll-and-girl outfits, and more!
 Deb & Arlie's granddaughters enjoyed playing with Cy's Nerf basketball hoop in the corner!
Viola, Lilian, & Evelyn
 Grandpa would definitely tell Claire and Ally (both 15) to "Hold your mouth right!" ;)
 Lacey flew in from Palo Alto, California!  She had a family wedding on her mom's side, so it was great to see her.  I think she liked Wynne's "boogie board" as much as Wynne !
Wynne & Lacey
 The annual gift exchange game is always a good time.  Mom made these nifty shirt-front aprons.  Nick was the first recipient.  I think his mom stole them from him when it was her pick!
Mike, Julie, Nick, Mary Kay, Sammie, Brian
 Crystal opened up some beautiful red glassware from Korrine & Kellie's shop.  I think Tammie ended up with this gift!

 Sammie did an awesome job on this  Badger string art!
Marla, Paul, Kaycie

Arlie, Mom, Mike & Catherine
 Tim let his kids go and pick out a present for his pick.  It was getting a little late, huh girls!
Addie, Tim, & Annamae
 The grown-up gift exchange got a little boring for some of the little people...
Wynne & Elsie try their hand at ping-pong
The next morning, we enjoyed complimentary breakfast and hanging out in the main lounge.  Very tired.
Sam, Payton, & Kaycie
 All packed up and ready to go by 11 a.m.  Many thanks to Brian & family for arranging another fun hotel stay!  Set-up, clean-up, etc.

 But before we left, Wynne had to throw in a few massages.  She has changed her life calling from "salon girl" to "spa girl" which includes massages.  Let me tell you, she is actually very good at it.  Right, Kaycie?
 So we, [being] many, are one body in Christ, and every one members one of another.--Romans 12:5


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