Sunday, January 12, 2014

South Dakota Day 2 Part 4: Little Elk Homestead

As you can tell, we are finally getting back to our summer vacation re-cap.  Nothing like a 5-month hiatus from it!  Let's see how much of this I can remember (and hopefully I can get the kids to write some of these posts)!
Here we are finally at the western side of South Dakota near Piedmont, South Dakota.  Piedmont is a little town just north of Rapid City, one of the biggest cities in the state.  
It was getting dark by the time we reached our "home away from home"...Little Elk Homestead.  

Now introducing GUEST BLOGGER Paige!! .........And here is little Elk isn't it neat!
                                           Living room
                                             With fire place
                                        It's just like home sweet home with our handmade sign up there :)
                                              Family TV night just like home
                                         Cool looks like Wynne found a toy
                                           Here is a person from the past from  1882 (these are the people who built the cabin, an original homestead; the living room shows the original exterior wall)
                                           (this room was part of the original cabin; now it's a dining room)
                                             Here is Shae and me in the trundle bed it's quite a cozy bed :)
                                                    Cy's pull out bed looks kinda cozy but he  has TV:)
                                              This is where we got to feed the horses
                                          And the backyard is beautiful

                                                 Here's the cute little kitchen
                                              Ally checking things out at little elk
                                Yum Pancakes for breakfast on a nice sunny day taste great
(from Mom) We ate out only twice on our week-long trip out and back.  The rest of our meals we put together from 3 coolers/boxes full of groceries and one grocery stop near Piedmont.  It was AWESOME!!


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