Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dear Google Blogger,

Dear Google Blogger,

You do so many neat things on this here "internets", but Google+ is CONFUSING as all get-out!!  Ever since you changed to "plus", I have to jump through 5-10 minutes of online hoops to get to the part where I can actually create a post on my blog.  Finding my blog is hard enough, then getting to the interface where I have options to view/add post/etc is next to impossible these days.  Why did you make it more complicated?  Where did all my buttons go?  How do I get back to my  old basic brown format?  Why did I get lured into the new high-tech/picture interface format?? I want to go back to the olden days of my blog when I could find my site, find the buttons, and type away.

What am I doing wrong? Or what am I missing?  I am not a digital native (if you couldn't tell already).

Thanks for (probably not) listening,



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