Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

I wish I had more time to write, but it's Sunday night and time to get ready for the next work week.  In the meantime, today marks 3 special occasions:  our goddaughter Claire's birthday (Happy 15, Claire!), my 5-year blog-i-versary (I'll post more on this later), and Mother's Day.  Yesterday I had the luxury of spending 4 hours at a Mother-Daughter event with my mom, sister, and her mother-in-law.  It was at a local retreat center and gave us all a chance to pray together, reflect on our roles as mothers, daughters, and children of God.  
It hasn't been an easy year for Mom.  In late February she slipped on the ice and broke her ankle.  After surgery, she spent several weeks laid up and had to rely on family and a personal care worker to help her get around.  Being the caregiver most of the time, this was not an easy thing for Mom to do (asking for help).  The nights I spent with Mom, I would take a daughter or two over with me to spend time with her, have bubble baths in her downstairs tub (!), and practice reading.  

Almost 3 months later, the cast is off, the wheelchair's gone, the boot is off, but her foot is still swollen and needs wrapping.  Mom can't walk as quickly as she'd like to, and there's pain and sleepless times, but she remains steadfast and an example of strength to her children and grandchildren.
Mom, you are the strongest and most loving woman I know.  Happy Mother's Day!
Love, Amy


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