Sunday, June 30, 2013

We Interrupt this Summer to Bring You the Youth Rec Program

Guess what we've been doing all month?  I'll give you 3 guesses....
Wow.  You guessed it right away.  Good job!!
Aside from the 6-hour nights away from home and the gas guzzling road trips, there are a few endearing things about softball/baseball season.  One is playing against our cousins!
Shae, Catherine, Paige with Amy & Julie

Julie & Amy with Gabe & Cy
 Another fun thing is watching your kids struggle and overcome obstacles to improve on something.  Ally has been pitching for 5 summers now and it's really neat to see her have some success!

 The girl is QUICK around the bases.  Softball is a game of frequent stealing, and Ally loves to get in on that!
 You can't see it, but she was SAFE!
 The boy has vastly improved over the past few years, in attention span (to the game) and ability.

 This was a joke.  He doesn't actually do this when he's batting.

 He's one of the biggest kids out on the field.  You should have seen him at football camp this week; I thought we were in the wrong age group because he towered over the other kids!
 I really don't know how he grows on his diet.  His food groups are meats-sweets-cereal.
 It's fun to watch the development.  I could do without the 4-games-a-week-not-including-weekend-tournaments schedule.  But you have to stick with the positives, right?


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